Open period for expressions of interest in medicine

Science and Innovation Minister Diana Morant.

The Ministry of Science and Innovation opened the scene expression of interest before the 2022 call for innovation projects in personalized medicine and advanced therapies, which is part of the Perte para la Salud de Vanguardia and will be managed by the Center for Technological Development and Innovation (CDTI) and the Health Institute Carlos III (ISCIII) .

The call will distribute 55 million euros (30 million in the form of loans and 25 million in grants) to finance joint R&D&I projects in health care between companies, centers and research organizations within the National Health System.

Your goal is coordinating scientific and business opportunities for faster progress in development of clinical diagnostic products for personalized medicine and emerging strategic medicines; as well as directing scientific research and innovation efforts in the field of public-private cooperation to challenges such as: early and more accurate diagnoses; innovative and personalized treatments; and improving chronic disease monitoring and rehabilitation.

Financing of projects with industrial application

To this end, after the initial expression of interest phase, the call will fund research and development projects with the joint participation of companies and research centers and organizations from the environment of the National Health System (NHS) that are focused on generating results with industrial and/or business application.

The call, which will be managed jointly by CDTI and ISCIII through independent but parallel application processes, begins with an initial expression of interest phase in which project descriptions, jointly between companies and organizations and research centers from the National Health System. Expressions of interest must be submitted, including a statement of commitment to participate from each of the participating entities.

How to participate in the expression of interest phase?

Participation in the expression of interest phase is an essential requirement for access to the subsequent funding request phase once actions are opened in ISCIII and in CDTI. All expressions of interest They must be delivered through the CDTI electronic headquarters.

At the funding request stage, each entity that was part of an expression of interest must make a separate request: companies, through CDTI; and the organisms and SNS public research centers, through ISCIII.

The code number associated with each expression of interest must be entered in the funding applications, which CDTI and ISCIII will independently assess according to the criteria applicable to their respective aid instruments. The call will only fund projects where all consortium participants have been assessed and have confirmed their designation as beneficiaries of CDTI and ISCIII assistance.

Which healthcare organizations will be eligible for assistance?

The beneficiaries of this action can bes public entities in the SNS environment which develop R+D+I activities in biomedicine or in health sciences and technologies. Grants will be awarded up to 100 percent of eligible costs, and there is no minimum budget per center or research organization. The principal investigator must have formalized a relationship with the requesting center and cannot appear in more than one application, and the call for grants will be managed by ISCIII.

They may have the status of aid beneficiaries Business which are validly incorporated, have their own legal personality and fiscal residence in Spain and develop a R&D project in Spain.
Is for partially reimbursable aid up to 90 percent of the eligible budget, with a non-refundable tranche of 33 percent of the aid. The interest rate of the reimbursable tranche will be one-year Euribor, determined at the time of granting the aid. The minimum budget per company will be €175,000 and the grant request will be managed by CDTI.

All actions funded under the call must comply with the principle of not causing significant damage to the environment, which implies compliance with specific conditions related to climate change mitigation and adaptation, sustainable use and protection of water and marine resources, transition to a circular economy, pollution prevention and control, and conservation and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems.

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