Abundance for health and happiness

Fernando-Alonso Ramirez


Abundant – You are so much more than what you think you are today. This is the title that Felipe López of Manizales gave to his first book.

It’s work that looks like self-help, but actually has more to do with how we need to understand the world in order to better perceive it and be able to accomplish the things we set out to do. Felipe describes himself as passionate about happiness research and its application in business and everyday life.

If anyone believes that by reading these pages they will find the key to becoming a millionaire, they can avoid reading them immediately, because it is about how to be abundant from the good decisions that are made in life for a better life. wellness. We talk to the author and he gives us pointers on why we should read it to better understand what he means and to better understand how we make decisions and how they affect us in the future.

what an abundance

– States that this is not a formula book to become a millionaire or attract positive things with the power of the mind. So what is abundance according to Felipe Lopez?

Abundance means learning to connect with the sources that allow us to have a life of meaning and well-being. If what you have accumulated (money, people, relationships, friends) does not bring you well-being and happiness, then it is not abundance. Abundance also means learning to disconnect from certain relationships that are no longer nourishing and draining your life. Abundance is connection and prosperity, accumulation.

– Although it is not so clear, it is obvious that this is a story about your training in different ways. Why narrate this process?

Because the only way to talk about something is when you’re the example. I consider myself an abundant person, with the ability to connect and disconnect. Therefore, my story becomes the appropriate metaphor for conveying what has been accomplished when coupled with an abundant mind.

– Emphasizes the danger of the ego and also its power. How does the ego play a key role in how everyone perceives the world?

The ego has only one purpose: to help us survive. Survival is important, but not for life. We must learn to survive in what is necessary, but to outlive life. A balance must be found between survival and the ability to transcend our mental limits and social constructs installed in our mind/ego. The ego is not our enemy, we just need to heal it sometimes. Same as the body. The body is not our enemy, but if it is not healthy, it makes us lead a complicated life. The healthier the ego and the body, the better our life.

to break cycles

– We’ve all gone through stages of scarcity, but some go back to it. What’s the tip to get out of there?

Break cycles by opening the mind and reconfiguring it. Cycles are due to closed minds that are unwilling to open up to new information. Observing the mind from consciousness allows us to see what keeps us coming back, to transform it.

– It would be foolish of me to say that coach They do not help many people, but it is equally true that there are many snakes in this role. For a non-believer like me, how does one tell the difference between one who contributes something to others and one who barely tells?

The book is reallya more written than the science and research of happiness and well-being. The coaching It gave me tools for a higher level of consciousness and it allowed me to use tools in my life that connected me to greater meaning and a life of more well-being. I am grateful for what he coaching It gave me, but I wanted to give the book a living with studies to understand that the end of abundance should be the happiness and well-being of those who acquire it. there certainly is coaches that they can do things that aren’t so healing, but they aren’tYoI who can judge them. I try to do my bestYoby my example and my results.

– If I loved anything, it’s the value it gives to gratitude, I firmly believe that. How does gratitude lead us to abundance?

Thank you for taking the time to honor me with your reading. Gratitude is what allows us to realize that we are already abundant. Already with what we are and have, we are extremely abundant. This is the first starting point to understand what we are and how wonderful it is to be able to live.

– Another theme that the book repeats is that happiness is very far from success. When asked what I do to achieve happiness, what is Felipe’s answer?

I can say that more than Felipe, science has advanced a lot in the research of happiness and well-being. I humbly offer in a simple way what science reveals about the areas we need to focus on in order to live with greater well-being. The scientific theory that has the best results both in terms of health, productivity, meaning in life, relationships with people is Phermaby Martin Seligman. Comparative studies have been done with two other positions of happiness (hedonic and eudaimonic) and this is the one that has the best results.

The data

The book is sold at LA PATRIA at a special price for subscribers. Also in Manizales at Inspire bookstore, Intermúsica and Ágora, Palermo. Also in Pan American, Buscalibre, Amazon Y booksellerYoto National.


* Changing the way you perceive life does not make you a weak person, but it makes you a humble person.

* Abundance is far from a mental reprogramming full of new beliefs, which in the long run can generate more frustration.

* Only those who understand that pain is a part of life can become strong in it.

* I serve you as long as you ask me. Yes, I’ll make sure you know I’m an employee.

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