17 Names for Boys and Girls with Their Meanings Born in 2023

Congratulations on the birth of your baby! Now comes one of the most important tasks and that is to choose his name. Some dads take the time to research Names for boys and girls using various resources such as the web, consulting with family, friends, in magazines or books to choose the best option, but, on the contrary, others are aware of what they will name their little one even before pregnancy.

A name is the first sign of identity that we all havehence its important influence on everyone’s life, which is why for some parents choosing a name for their baby has been a headache, not least because there is a huge range of options.

The truth is that the meaning of a person’s name determines many aspects of his life and that of his parents, this is how today we can determine the weather, tastes, geography and even the social class of a person just by knowing his name, in this sense, for example , there are names with which we can determine the decade in which they were born, since they are names that are no longer used, such as Francisco or Francisca, Trinidad, Ramiro, Alejandro, Pedro, Augusto, Diogenes, Carmen, Segismundo, Javier , Luis or Carlos, others tell us about months of the year like April or July, there are also those that allow us to see the taste for flowers like Margarita, hydrangea, rose, lily or from countries like Paris.

what do boy and girl names mean

Similarly, there are more factors that for other parents are decisive in choosing a name for their baby, such as the saint of the day of birth, its phonetics (how it sounds or sounds), its meaning, if it is trendy or not, its popularity or extravagance, the duration or not of it or the religion one professes, aspects that are among the most common to decide boy and girl names.

If you are at the stage where you are not sure how to name your baby, we at guiainfantil.com will help you with this task. We’ll guide you with 17 ideas for boy and girl names which are so popular in 2023 accompanied by their significance. Let’s start!

names for boys born in 2023

If you are looking for name ideas for your son but also want to know its root and meaning, you have come to the right article. We will mention 7 here boy names born in 2023

  1. Daniel
    Daniel comes from the Hebrew “Daniyyel, Danyal” represents Christianity as he is the author and main character of the Book of Daniel in the Bible. It means “God is my judge, God’s justice.”
  2. Juan
    Juan is one of the most used boy names and is closely associated with the Bible and its meaning is “a person who is merciful or compassionate; who is faithful to God’.
  3. Hadrian
    This name comes from Latin, although its roots may also be Etruscan, and its meaning is “the chosen one of the people”. But the meaning of “he who comes from the Adriatic Sea” is also attributed to him. As a gentle nickname, Adri is used as a nickname for all Hadrians and Hadrians.
  4. Manuel
    Another popular boy name. It comes from the Hebrew “imanuel” and means “God is with us”.
  5. David
    A name that does not lose validity and also has biblical connotations; David was king of Israel, the successor of Saul. It is derived from the Hebrew “Daoud” or “Yadad” and means “the one who is loved”.
  6. Gabriel
    It means “Man of God” or “Power of God”. They are children as happy as they are compassionate, as well as practical, clear in their ideas and firm. This name is also very popular in Christianity because it is associated with the angel who announced Mary’s pregnancy in the Bible.
  7. Samuel
    Derived from the Hebrew verb shamah, “to hear.” Its proper translation would be “the one whom God heard.” There is another etymological possibility that makes it derive from the term shem “name”, that is, “my name is God”.

girl names 2023

If you are looking for names for girl beautiful and popular in 2023, we leave you this guide of 7 female names with their meaning.

  1. Helen
    It comes from the Greek “elaion” and means “torch”, so it is translated as “that which is beautiful as the dawn”. Girls who share this name are usually very self-confident, as well as having great emotional intelligence and beauty. For this reason, Deer are often said to fear nothing and love to have new challenges to test their skills. How do you like Helena or Elena better?
  2. Aliza
    Aliza is a name that comes from Hebrew and means “cheerful” or “great happiness.” They are usually very happy girls who are both idealists and perfectionists. They are very sociable, they like to communicate with others, although they are a little more reserved when it comes to expressing their feelings.
  3. Paris
    This name, which has a mythological undertone due to the Trojan War, is of Greek origin and means “lover.” If you like names that refer to beautiful cities around the world, this is a good option.
  4. Emma
    Derived from Germanic. It means “strength” or “one who is strong” and usually characterizes strong-willed girls.
  5. Eliana
    Eliana comes from the Greek Helios, which refers to the Sun, so it is easy to translate this name as “she who shines like the sun.” Although it may appear to be the long name for Elijah, the truth is that both have different origins, another meaning of the biblical origin is “God has answered”
  6. Melissa
    The name of this beautiful girl comes from the Greek language and means “bee” or “honey”. Inspired by Melissa of Samos, a philosopher who lived in the fourth and third centuries BC, it is also the term used to refer to those who perform the office of priestesses.
  7. Aitana
    The meaning of the name Aitana is “the mountain of edetanos. It’s meaning is unclear, although many researchers agree that the name comes from the Latin “adetana”, which refers to a mountain, others attribute its origin to the Portuguese to translate “glory”.

Some of the boy and girl names by 2023 echoing in your head? We hope that this article has helped you to choose, or at least get closer to the possibility of names for your baby.

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