They propose the creation of state and municipal advisory councils for children and adolescents

MEHICALI, SEPTEMBER 23, 2022 – The Deputy Aminta Guadalupe Briceño Cinco of the PAN Parliamentary Group, presented an initiative that proposes the creation of State and Municipal Advisory Councils for Children and Adolescents as collegial bodies to contribute concretely to the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of public policies, programs and actions that directly benefit your rights.

It is about adding or adding a second chapter to Baja California State Child and Adolescent Rights Protection and Protection Act. The proposal has been submitted to committees for analysis and ruling.

It was explained that Advice for boys, girls and teenagersare participatory cases where issues related to public policies that affect the lives of children and adolescents are addressed, thereby promoting the participation of children and adolescents through these spaces of opinion and consultation that have democratic mechanisms of representation .

These are collegial and plural bodies composed of different sectors of civil society, selected from among the public, private, academic and social sectors, whose purpose is to propose, analyze and give opinion in relation to the definitions of the systems, whether national, state and municipal bodies , contributing their experience and extensive knowledge of issues related to the rights of children and adolescents, and contributing specifically to the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of public policies, programs and actions arising from the National Comprehensive Protection System.

It is proposed that the State Advisory Council will consist of ten people to be selected from among the public, private, social and academic sectors, appointed by the State Comprehensive Protection System, on the proposal of the Executive Secretariat, which must take into account criteria of gender equality , pluralism and representativeness, which allow a balance between sectors, as well as adequate representation of the different regions of the country.

Those who compose the State Advisory Council shall serve three years in office and may be re-elected for the same term. They will express in writing to the Executive Secretariat their acceptance of the office, which they will perform with honor and will not receive any remuneration or economic consideration for doing so.

They must have three years’ experience in matters relating to children and adolescents.

While the integration of municipal advisory councils, where appropriate, should be privileged people from the public, private, social and academic sectors who have experience in issues related to children and adolescents, who should meet the following requirements:

Be a Mexican citizen, over 30 years of age, in full exercise of your rights, with a minimum of 5 years of residence in the state; Have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in any of the following fields: law, psychology, pedagogy, sociology, communication, education, cultural management, administration, human rights or, where appropriate, fields directly related to the protection of childhood or adolescent rights.

The State and Municipal Advisory Councils will have the following functions within their competence: To issue recommendations to the State Comprehensive Protection System and, respectively, to the municipal systems through the Executive Secretariat regarding public policies, programs, guidelines, tools, procedures, services and actions for the protection of rights of children and adolescents implemented by the system.
In addition, it recommends to the State comprehensive system of protection and, accordingly, to the municipal systems through the Executive Secretariat, the signing of conventions and agreements for carrying out academic activities with public or private, national or international institutions related to children’s rights. and teenagers.

The same as recommending to the Executive Secretariat the holding of conferences, seminars, colloquiums and in general any debate and event for the dissemination of the rights of children and adolescents and other activities of a diverse nature.

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