These are the new musicals you can’t miss this fall in Madrid

Broadway, the West End… and the High Road. After New York and London, in recent years Madrid has established itself as the third capital in the world in terms of the variety and quality of musicals and the first in terms of presenting this genre in Spanish, which attracts millions of spectators.

The explosion of international and national productions that Madrid is currently experiencing is not only an attractive item on the agenda of Madrid residents, but also a major tourist attraction. People from all over the country (and the rest of the world) fill the city’s grand theaters and other picturesque spaces to see the most iconic titles that have already received huge acclaim in other international venues – as is the case with Lion Kingwhich was on the Gran Vía for nine seasons, practically selling out tickets every night- and other attractions shows national films that can currently only be seen here, such as the recently released Malinche.

The loaded theatrical bill, which is presented this fall in There are musicals in Madrid for every taste and audience. To the premieres we must also add those that continue for another season. Come and see!


This is one of the great bets (and most anticipated) of this season. More than 10 million viewers worldwide have already enjoyed this award-winning musical from the Royal Shakespeare Company, which has been performing in London for 12 years and now lands with its first version in Spanish in Madrid. Based on Roald Dahl’s novel of the same name, the blockbuster SOM Produce created by the creative team of Billy Elliot, has one of the largest casts ever seen in a musical in Spain, which includes 82 actors/singers/dancers (including seven girls for the main character Matilda) and 16 musicians. The story, full of feelings, humor, magic and emotion, includes a wonderful soundtrack, incredible choreography, special effects and an innovative 3D sound system to immerse the viewer in the scenes.

Date: until November 27.

place: New Alcal Theater (Jorge Juan, 62).

Price: from 30 euros.

Charlie and the chocolate factory

Edu Soto takes the place of the peculiar Willy Wanka, the main character of this musical, also based on the story written by Roald Dahl, which introduces us to a mysterious factory full of chocolate waterfalls, crazy squirrels and tireless Oompa-Loompas. Soto is joined in this production, directed by Federico Bellone, by a cast of 28, backed by a band that will perform live original songs from the musical that premiered in London’s West End in 2013, where it broke box office records in four consecutive years .

Date: until October 23.

place: Espacio Ibercaja Delicias (Cl. del Prroco Eusebio Cuenca, 63. Access through the Railway Museum).

Price: from 23.50 euros.

Dirty Dancing

The love story of Baby (Jennifer Grey) and Johnny (Patrick Swayze), a teenage girl on vacation with her parents at a beautiful resort and a dance teacher who works at the hotel, took theaters by storm in the 1980s with her dancing and captivating ( and award-winning) soundtrack. Since making his musical debut in Australia in 2004, this global phenomenon has broken viewership records wherever he performs. More than 800,000 thousand people in Spain have already enjoyed this story in musical format, written by the American Eleanor Bergstein. Its arrival in Madrid coincides with the 35th anniversary of the premiere of the legendary film in 1987. Produced by LETSGO, directed by Federico Bellone and starring Danny Tatai (Johnny) and Sara Villa (Baby), Dirty Dancing offers the same colorful choreography that was seen in the film, of course to the rhythm of his most iconic and successful songs such as Hungry eyes, do you love me? , Hey! Baby or (I had) the time of my lifeall interpreted in its original version.

Date: until October 12.

place: Espacio Ibercaja Delicias (Cl. del Prroco Eusebio Cuenca, 63. Access through the Railway Museum).

Price: from 25 euros.


Nacho Cano’s new project is one of the most anticipated premieres in recent months. The musical with 100% original music by the Spanish composer is a an anthem of diversity. Based on historical facts, tells the story of the birth of mixed generations during the conquest of America, told through the love story between La Malinche and Hernán Cortés. With an amazing production including visual games, lighting, sets, choreography and acrobatics, the show is much more than a musical or a rock concert. It is a unique leisure experience in which gastronomy also plays a leading role, thanks to Rogue Templewhich includes Mexican and Spanish food stalls, with bars themed around Spanish galleons and Mexican effigies, to taste before, during intermission and after the musical.

Date: until November 27.

place: Malinche Space. Ifema (Avenida del Partenn s/n).

Price: from 35 euros.

Singing in the rain

Ángel Llcer directs this ambitious production, whose presentation in Madrid coincides with the 70th anniversary of the iconic film’s premiere in Hollywood (1952). A cast of 25 actors and dancers and a live orchestra of nine musicians perform one of the most iconic film musicals of the 20th century, featuring one of the most memorable dance scenes of all time (Singing in the rain) with real rain and all. The romantic musical comedy stars Miguel Ángel Bellotto as Don Lockwood and Diana Roig as Cathy Seldon, who play two silent film stars in glamorous Hollywood in the twenties who see their glittering careers threatened by the arrival of an unexpected sound film.

Date: until November 27.

place: Apollo Theater (Plaza de Tirso de Molina, 1).

Price: from 23 euros.

The Neverending Story

Based on the book by Michel Ende, a success of fantasy and youth literature in the early 1980s, the musical brings back unforgettable characters such as Fur, Vetusta Morla or Skaloida, who come to life on stage thanks to creatures created through animatronics, a system, used in cinema and never before seen in a musical, and which transports the viewer to the Kingdom of Fantasy. Produced by Dario Regatieri with the production company beon. Entertainment and with music by Yvonne Makas and lyrics by Flix Amador, among the 16 songs that make up the work is the mythical never ending story Limal’s theme that was a hit in the 80’s.

Date: from October 5 to November 27.

place: Caldern Theater (Atocha, 18).

Price: from 25 euros.

Mama Mia!

New sets, choreography, lights, sound, costumes and sound arrangements once again guarantee the success of this new version of the famous musical created entirely in Spain by SOM Produce. Based on 23 greatest hits of the legendary ABBA, such as dancing queen, Give me, give, give or Super soldierthat will be interpreted with new texts in Spanish, Mama Mia! It has been playing for 23 years in the best theaters in the world, with more than 65 million viewers. Vernica Rhonda (Donna) and Gina Gonfauss (Sophie) star in this comic love story set on a paradisiacal Greek island.

Date: from October 6 to November 27.

place: Rialto Theater (Grand Va, 54).

Price: from 23 euros.

The Chorus Boys

The film of French origin, which triumphed in cinemas around the world in 2004, became a musical, which, after touring several countries with great audience success, arrives in Spain with a cast headed by Jess Castain, Natalia Milne and Yvonne Clemente. Together with a choir of more than 80 children, they will tell this story that has moved and dazzled many and which centers on Clement Mathieu, an unemployed music teacher who is offered a job as a security guard at a boarding school for troubled children. There he decided to create a choir that would bring out the best in every boy through music.

Date: from November 16 to January 15, 2023

place: La Latina Theater (Plaza de la Cebada, 2).

Price: from 34 euros.

Bridges of Madison

The Spanish-language musical based on the successful novel by Robert James Waller, immortalized by Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood in the cinema in 1995, will star Little girl Y Gernimo Rauch, which will interpret the unexpected and forbidden love affair between a married housewife with children and a photographer with no connections. The production surprises with strong staging that recalls the film’s naturalistic imagery and a great score that has won two Tony Awards since its 2014 premiere as a musical on Broadway.

Date: from November 9 to January 8, 2023

place: EDP Gran Va Theater (Gran Va, 66).

Price: from 24 euros.


After triumphing on the billboard in Madrid last season, this tribute to Tina Turner’s career, produced by Stage Entertainment in its Spanish version, returns to Gran Vía. Starring Kerry Sanko, the montage covers the biography of the woman known as the Queen of Rock through some of her most famous songs, such as What’s love got to do with it, proud Mary, a private dancer or Just the best, that make the audience dance.

Date: from October 1 to January 8, 2023

place: Coliseum Theater (Grand Va, 78).

Price: from 25 euros.

Lion King

In Madrid begins the 12th season of one of the most universal and most watched musicals in the world (with more than 110 million viewers), which, with its magnificent production, animated sculptures and famous music, transports the viewer to the African savannah. The musical is the largest production ever staged in Spain and has so far been seen by five million spectators.

Date: from 1 October to 31 January 2023

place: Lope de Vega Theater (Grand Va, 57).

Price: from 25 euros.

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