The six symptoms of a heart attack in women

The National Library of Medicine of the United States MedlinePlus assures that at least 800 thousand Americans get a heart attack every year, which consists of the lack of blood that does not reach it.

It is important to mention that among the symptoms that stand out in a possible heart attack are: chest pain and/or discomfort that comes and goes, which is not different in men and women, which in some cases is not severe, explains the Mayo Clinic. However, females usually have different symptoms than males, such as:

  • sweating: it is known as sweating and is due to the excretion of salty fluids.
  • Exhausted: The American subject described it as fatigue or lack of motivation to do any kind of activity that is not a consequence of overexertion.
  • Acids: essence describes it as a frequent burning sensation in the stomach.
  • Difficulty breathing: Although this symptom may be obvious, it is important to pay attention to it if it occurs frequently.
  • Arm pain: This symptom can be common in both men and women and is perceived as numbness in the limbs that cannot be ignored.
  • Tummy ache: they can be experienced not only in the abdominal area, but also in the shoulders or as a general discomfort.

The American subject explains that the above signs are not as noticeable or related to a heart attack in women because they have blockages in the arteries that are part of the blood flow to the heart.

Without prompt medical treatment, high blood pressure can lead to other conditions such as heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, and eye problems. – Photo: Getty Images

A study published by the National Library of Medicine titled: “Relationship of Age and Gender to the Presentation of Myocardial Infarction Symptoms and Hospital Mortality”chaired by John G Canto, William J. Rogers, among other authors, ensures that women usually do not have chest pain after a heart attack.

Of note, the study, published in 2012, sought to determine the gender and symptoms of those hospitalized for myocardial infarction and how the condition increased over the years.

Women who have the following conditions may be more likely to have a heart attack:

  • stress
  • high blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Family background

How to prevent a heart attack in women?

Having habits that are responsible for maintaining a healthy life is essential to delay or prevent the development of a health problem:

  • smoke: The National Institute of Medicine confirms that smoking is not only the first cause of cancer, but also causes other diseases such as bronchitis and many other conditions such as COPD (chronic lung disease).
  • Alcohol: It is recommended to avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, as it is not only harmful to the body, but also affects external problems, putting the lives of others at risk.
  • You have an ideal weight: A balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables is essential not only to strengthen the body and prevent the development of health complications such as arthritis, but also to prevent heart disease, which in most cases is associated with a lack of physical activity and excessive weight.
Exercise / Arms
At the end of the routine, it is best to stretch your muscles. Photo: Getty Images. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

According to the World Health Organization, WHO: “Cancer is the leading cause of death in the world”, which in 2020 claimed the lives of more than 10 million people worldwide, the most common being breast, prostate and straight cancer.

The Office for Women’s Health, OASH, urges women to call 911 even if they are unsure of a possible heart attack, as women tend to have silent symptoms, according to the US entity.

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