Affective responsibility, or when it’s not you, it’s me, contributes to the well-being of both after a breakup

The affective responsibility It consists in being responsible for the consequences of our actions in relation to others. A term that is becoming more and more popular in society and social networks, but which is not always deepened.

This is how we should act on what we think how it affects other people what we do and say. It covers gestures, presence, conveying emotional states, expectations, explanations for actions…

In addition, affective responsibility is not something one possesses or does not have—it is not an essence or ability. On the contrary, it is a way of behaving so you can learn or improve to get it.

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The term is difficult to define because no two people have the same stories, knowledge, resources, conditions and experiences. namely no two pairs are the same so summarizing a feeling is beyond our power.

Affective responsibility is not synonymous with taking control of the emotions of others, and it is nothing happens if we sometimes prioritize the other. But, experts explain, it’s a problem when it becomes a habitual way of working, or when we do it out of obligation rather than choice.

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Furthermore, this responsibility is based on how we respond to the emotions of others, validation of emotions to the other person when they express them to us.

And that even if the balance between taking into account what others think and feel and what we think and feel, especially when talking about romantic relationships, is complicated.

Keys to Emotional Responsibility

Achieving emotional responsibility requires assertive communication, a way to protect our needs, demands, and rights without trampling on another person’s.

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This is a key element in affective responsibility because it allows us to reach out general agreementstransfer the other’s expectations, ask for forgiveness, or clarify situations to avoid conflict.

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Empathize, communicate and ask when something is not known or understood is the key when two people want to understand each other and heal their relationship. Because sometimes too much addiction can lead to toxicity that cancels out the other.

Therefore, it is necessary to identify these patterns in order to stop them. In this, communication, psychologists say, is key.

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Sometimes making decisions with our head rather than our heart can free us from situations that will be more painful in the long run. The RAE clarifies that it defines separately the terms “want” as “to love, to feel affection” and “mustlike “I need someone or something”.

If anything needs to be made clear, psychologists say, it is that we are not emotionally responsible, but that we we behave responsibly with specific people at a specific time.

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Seeing it as a way of behaving allows us to stay awake if we feel identified with this concept and to hope for change if we don’t induced by the concept.

Understanding it as a way of acting at all times and with every person, and not as something global, abstract that is part of our personality, allows us not to take it for granted, at the risk of not taking care of it.

And it is that if anything is clear, it is that we are dependent on others, on our environment and on our community, and this is something that cannot be avoided. Therefore, the only thing left for us is to take care of each other so that at least this addiction moves within limits that are not harmful or toxic.

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