Olympia Quirónsalud opens the Department of Sports Medicine

space Olympia Kironsalud started Sports Medicine Unit composed of a multidisciplinary team of doctors from different specialties. Olympia’s Sports Medicine Department aims to care for and targets both healthy people and those with some underlying pathologyacute or chronic, at any age, or because they want to start practicing sports or are already athletes, from recreational level to high level competition.

Luis Serratosa is the main person responsible for this unit of Olympia, in which, in addition to sports medical examinations, aims to evaluate, prevent and treat all those musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory and other diseases that may limit sports practice in a greater or more a small degree. That’s what the device is for state-of-the-art technology and a multidisciplinary team of specialists with a proven track record in the assessment, prevention and management of all those sports-related injuries, cardiac, nutritional, podiatry and more. “Being able to bring together this group of experts in the different fields of sports medicine in one center will also allow us to offer athletes the best solutions and within the time frames they need,” says Serratosa.

You practice a sport with as little risk as possible

For this expert, his main goal is to ensure that everyone who comes to the center can you get the many benefits of regular sports practices, with as little risk as possible and for all the years of your life. “For those involved in competitive sport at a lower or higher level, we’re used to the added challenge of making that compatible with performance optimization,” he says.

In addition to promoting the implementation of all those strategies aimed at prevention and treatment of sports-related injuriesthe Olympia center intends to be a point of reference in the management of other pathologies and problems that may prevent or be a consequence of the practice of sports, such as certain heart diseases, exercise-induced asthma, athlete’s anemia, diabetes, head injuries or consumption of alcohol, prohibited substances.

Another of the main goals of the Olympia Quirónsalud Sports Medicine Department is to fulfill an adequate physical exercise prescription for all these patients with any type of chronic pathology. “Today we have enough scientific evidence to show that exercise should be part of the therapeutic arsenal common to all those health professionals involved in the treatment of multiple pathologies, not only those related to a sedentary lifestyle, but also many of a hereditary nature and those secondary to degenerative processes associated with the passage of time,” states Luis Serratosa.

Medical team of the Sports Medicine Unit

Luis Serratosa, is a specialist in Physical Education and Sports Medicine. A doctor of medicine from the Autonomous University of Madrid, he has 30 years of recognized experience in sports medicine. He worked for 12 years in the medical services of Real Madrid, both in the professional teams and in the academy of the football and basketball sections. Nine years in the Cardiology Service of the Sports Medicine Center of the Higher Sports Council in Madrid and as Associate Professor at the Madrid School of Sports Medicine. Associate of some sports federations and professional associations (ACB, FIFA). He has been elected as a core member of the sports cardiology group of the European and Spanish Society of Cardiology. He is the author of numerous scientific articles in indexed journals, book chapters and a regular speaker/educator at scientific congresses and national and international courses.

Ramon Ballius Matas He is a specialist in physical education and sports medicine, a doctor of medicine from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has 30 years of recognized experience in sports medicine and is regular consultant to numerous athletes and professional teams from various sports. His professional career has focused on the prognosis of sports injuries, with a special emphasis on muscle injuries. He specializes in the evaluation of sports injuries using ultrasound and performing invasive ultrasound procedures. He works at the Center for High Performance Sports Research (CEARE) as Head of the Musculoskeletal Unit and at the Sports Medicine and Imaging Service at the Diagonal Clinic in Barcelona. He is the author of a dozen books on musculoskeletal ultrasound, ultrasound procedures and muscle trauma, and more than 100 national and international publications in the field of sports trauma and/or musculoskeletal ultrasound. He is a regular lecturer/educator at national and international scientific conferences and courses.

Alberto Gonzalez Peña He is a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation (MIR 2011-2015, Hospital Universitario Ramón y de Madrid). Since 2018, he has been part of the medical services of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, and since 2020 he has also been a member of the Medical-Scientific Commission of the RFEF.

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