J Balvin, who has repeatedly addressed depression, has launched a mental wellbeing app


from this Thursday September 22 is available for all mobile devices on the App Store and Google Play. “HEARS”, the bilingual application Creative Wellness of the last generation, created by the Colombian artist José Álvaro Osorio Balvin, better known Jay Balvintogether with the executive director Mario Chamorroand the Chief Operating Officer, Patrick Dowd.

In recent years, the paisa artist has become the standard bearer of mental healthafter revealing the hard times he went through because of depression and how she uses her personal experience to break down taboos about therapy.

now, JOSEPH is the Chief Dream Officer: Dream Director of “HEARS” a virtual platform that aims to “innovating the wellness category through the concept of transforming emotions into creative action“.

Through this application, the interpreter of “Mi Gente” and “Ginza” wants his fans and every user of the platform to start transformation of their emotions and become creators of their lives. This through mind and body activities.

“After the pandemic, the youth of the world, in fact all of us, are very exhausted. Anxiety, depression and feeling lost in life are very common now,” says Balvin..


Creativity, that is the big word that covers this idea of ​​paisa and that is what he wants the members of ‘OYE’ to explore. In the app, users will be able to find programs designed specifically for them to discover their potential through creative well-being, with useful content ranging from emotion control and goal setting exercises.

The tool works in Spanish and English and focuses on enabling people who use it to find a balance between emotions, physical health and interpersonal relationships. The safe space that the app intends to create for its users intends them to include the concepts of health and creativityall this with the help of artistic content and everyday practices.

As mentioned before, the main inspiration for this app stems from the experience of Jay Balvin with your mental health. “I personally experienced it and learned it through meditation, movement, connection it is possible to feel better and thus become creative again. OYE is an app that enhances people’s well-being, allowing them to be present, harness their emotional and mental superpowers, and follow their own light.”

The entire process of creating the programs was not only controlled by the artist and his partners, but also by OYE Wellbeing Expert Teamwhich is co-directed by Mexican wellness and mind-body leader, Marie Sierraand the prominent Latin American psychologist Carlos Lopez.

In addition, everything related to artistic activities for users is developed by an eclectic community of wellness guides who come from all over America and who, with their unique and practical perspectives, are able to explore all that they have learned as professional healers, teachers and artists.


In the official release of ‘OYE’ they state that what can be done in the app is:

– An emotional check tool to name the feelings.

– Creative wellness videos to transform emotions into creative action.

– Recommended content based on your current mood.

– Setting personal goals.

– Generative art for personal growth that can be shared with friends.

– Aware notifications to generate persistence, self-confidence and responsibility.

Mario Chamorro, CEO of OYE, noted that “Feeling better internally is the most important health priority for youth around the world. From Latin America to the world, we are building a community of people and partners who see the connection between inner work, well-being and human potential.”

Finally, those interested can download the platform from the App Store or Google Play from free and you can use it without paying during the trial periods of the app. After this resource is exhausted, the individual will have subscription options starting at $4.99/month in the United States.


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