The house of a Cuban mother who recorded the beating of girls in Nuevitas is being searched again

This Tuesday, the Cuban regime ordered the re-registration of the young Cuban’s house Mayelin Rodriguez Pradothe mother who recorded the beatings suffered by two girls in Nuevitas at the hands of the police which quelled mass protests in this municipality at the end of August.

Tired of the constant and prolonged blackouts, nueviteros took to the streets to express their discomfort, their criticism of the government, and to demand “freedom.” Spontaneous marches end in repression and many of its participants arrested, interrogated or threatened by State Security.

“URGENT. They make another search at the house of Mayelin Rodríguez, the young woman who filmed the protests in Nuevitas, where the police beat 2 girls. Mayelin will be transferred to Camagüey. They asked his family to take clothes to the State Security headquarters,” the NGO said on Twitter. Kubalex.

Known on social networks as “La Chamaca”, Rodríguez Prado was arrested just a few hours after broadcasting live from her social networks, in which she showed the repression unleashed on the Nuevitas protesters and shared the testimony of the two minors who were beaten in a struggle with agents of the National revolutionary police who are trying to arrest the father of one of them.

The arrest of the 21-year-old girl (mother of a one-and-a-half-year-old girl) immediately covered social networks. 24 hours after his detention and given the lack of information from the authorities to his next of kin, the NGO Justicia 11J declared her missing.

On Monday, August 29, State security raided Rodríguez Prado’s house. “I know my daughter has nothing in the house to compromise her,” she assured her mother, Nelkis Prado Mendesin an exclusive live interview with CyberCubastressing that if they find any evidence during the search, it will be a trap “laid” by the same police who have her detained and in solitary confinement.

“As a mother, I am aware that Myelin did everything from the heart, she just recorded… The evidence speaks for itself and the video is there. The whole time Mayelin was recording and they were attacking the city, attacking the girls, and right at that moment everything was very clear,” said Prado Mendes about a possible charge against his daughter.

According to the family, the lawyer explained to them that the young woman was charged with the crime of “violation of public order”. He also told them that in the interrogations carried out on the minors who were abused by the police, the repressors tried to get the minors to admit that they had given their statements under pressure from Rodríguez Prado.

The political police also searched the home of Guerlin Torente Echevarria at the end of August., one of the girls beaten by the police. They went to the house of Jose Armando TorrenteGuerlin’s father, to search to see if they could find any bottles or anything they had there so they could have a reason to give him as many years as they wanted,” he said. Araceli Utra a CyberCuba.

Nuevitera, associated with the girl and with Beatrice Aracelia Rodriguez Freihoothe other minor victim of the Aug. 20 beating, said Torrente was forcibly detained during the demonstration and kept in jail and in solitary confinement.

Among those detained was “the father of the third girl, who was also questioned,” Aracelis said, citing Regneri Medina and your little girl Jennifer Medina-Arango. “They took him away and he’s in jail,” he assured. “What they do is take two or three young guys every day.”

The United States government this Tuesday demanded the release of Rodríguez Prado and more than 50 Nuevitas detainees. “We are asking for the immediate release of Mayelin Rodriguezwho the authorities unjustly detained for weeks filming the protests in Nuevitas,” the US Embassy in Cuba insisted in a Twitter thread.

Protests in Nuevitas against government disruptions and mismanagement began on the night of Thursday, August 18. Residents of the Pastelillo district took to the streets to demand “Freedom” and marched through the city to the beat of the conga “Put the current pinga” and slogans like “Díaz-Canel singao el pueblo está plantao”.

On Friday, peaceful protests resumed, but Cuban police deployed forces in Nuevitas and arrested several protesters. Arrests were brutal and security forces even beat girls who were with their relatives at the protest.

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