The food that helps prevent constipation and fight osteoporosis

The health of the digestive system, along with good bone health, are two important aspects for the body to function properly. On the one hand, there is the system that is responsible for extracting nutrients from food to dispose of waste, and on the other, the bone structure that is responsible for keeping the body healthy.

Constipation It is one of the most common digestive conditions that can occur sporadically or, in more complex cases, chronically. The fact that you cannot defecate with the necessary frequency and without pain undoubtedly affects the quality of life of those who suffer from it..

The main characteristic of constipation is the lack of frequency with which you need to go to the toilet, in addition to the fact that it presents a huge difficulty in the elimination of waste, according to the portal Take care Plusthere are several ways to identify this digestive symptom.

“Currently, to determine whether a person has constipation, several criteria are taken into account: if it is necessary to make excessive efforts, the stools are hard or goaty, a feeling of complete evacuation is not achieved, the frequency of defecation is less. more than three times a week,” he explains.

Intestinal obstruction can cause loss of appetite and constipation. Photo: Getty Images. – Photo: Photo: Getty Images.

When a person suffers from osteoporosistheir bones become brittle, plus they you are at risk of breaking more easily, “especially those of the hip, spine and wrist”as explained by the health and medicine portal medlineplus.

According to the expert health portal, this disease is silent and most patients only realize they have it when they fracture their bones.

Any individual can be diagnosed with this disease; However, it is more common in older women and in people with conditions such as agingpeople who are small and thin, have a family history of osteoporosis, respond to certain medications, and have low bone density.

Although osteoporosis and constipation are not directly related, they share a food that has properties to improve both pathologies.

Lettuce It is one of the most famous vegetables in the world. It is found in different parts of the planet and can be consumed in different ways to acquire its properties.the portal body mind further explains the nutritional content of this product of nature.

Any individual can be diagnosed with osteoporosis; however, it is more common in elderly women and in people in conditions such as aging, small and weak people, family burden. Photo: Getty Images. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

One of the most remarkable properties of lettuce is that it is one of the vegetables with the highest water content: 94%. However, it is well supplied with minerals, especially potassium (264 mg/100 g), calcium (35 mg), phosphorus (26 mg) and magnesium (16 mg), as well as trace elements (copper, manganese, nickel, zinc, etc.). n.),” he explains.

Osteoporosis, according to experts, can be prevented by limiting risk factors, ensuring adequate intake of vitamin D and calcium; and practicing strenuous exercise or taking certain medications. However, including lettuce in your daily diet will provide an important supply of calcium and vitamins that will help counteract this condition.

As for constipation, one of the best ways to deal with this unpleasant disease is to increase the consumption of foods rich in fiber, because this will stimulate proper intestinal transit.

The expert nutrition portal, A healthy source refers to the contribution that lettuce can make when the goal is to improve the frequency and density of faecal matter.

Lettuce favors intestinal transit thanks to the fiber it contains. It is recommended to eat lettuce salad with lemon juice and olive oil (without vinegar) to treat constipation. Remember to chew it and separate it well from the saliva,” he explains.

In addition, experts recommend that the inclusion of lettuce in the daily diet be accompanied by physical activity, good hydration and periodic examinations by a medical specialist.

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