Halle Bailey, The Little Mermaid Who Shatters Stereotypes: ‘Girls Like Me Can Be Princesses Too’

She doesn’t have red hair, blue eyes, nor is she white… Halle Bailey is clear about this, but the many strong criticisms she received for her role as Ariel, the main character of the long-awaited Live on Little Mermaid, not only do they seem irrelevant, but they have ceased to matter to him.

Ever since news was confirmed in 2019 that the actress and singer had been tapped by Disney to star in its latest princess movie, Bailey has been in the eye of the hurricane. A section of society does not accept this Little Mermaid have a movie version with a main character who is physically very different from the cartoon character.

However, Halle sees the situation as an opportunity, a challenge and a commitment to the girls of African descent, the ones who were happy and screaming in front of the TV when they first saw the movie’s trailer. They no doubt felt reflected when they saw the 22-year-old on screen.

“I want the girl in me and girls like me to know that they are special and that they can be princesses in any way. There’s no reason they shouldn’t be. This comfort was something I needed,” the actress recently said in an interview with the specialized publication Diversity.

Of course, the young actress, who is catapulting herself into Hollywood, admitted that there was a time when the criticism of being a woman of African descent in the shoes of Ariel got to her. According to Chloe Bailey, the actress’ sister, the whole family had to pull together in the face of the “violent backlash” Hallie suffered. The support network was vital to get us through the moment.

Hallie says her grandparents were very important in this difficult process.

“It was inspiring and beautiful to hear words of encouragement (from my grandparents) telling me, ‘You don’t understand what this does for us, for our community, for all the black and brown girls who are going to see themselves in you.’ Bailey told the magazine.

and added to Variety: “Things that seem so small to everyone else are so big to us.”

Halle Bailey is a young woman born on March 27, 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia, who started in the world of entertainment at the age of six when she starred in the film Last holidayalong with Queen Latifah.

Later, in 2012, he appeared in the Disney feature film Let It Shine and in the same year he starred in the film Joyous noisealong with Dolly Parton and Keke Palmer.

In addition, at the age of 12, he won the fifth season of the American singing competition The next big thing Radio Disney, along with her sister Chloe. And since 2018, it has been part of the TV series Grown up.

Together with her 21-year-old sister, they formed the duo Chloe x Halle and released an EP in 2016 titled Sugar symphonywith the topics drop out Y they fail. In 2017, the singers released We bothanother EP that features used to love Y Too much sauce.

By 2018, the duo released their debut album, The kids are fine, Which it was Grammy nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album; while Halle and her sister were nominated for Best Artist.

But Chloe x Halle’s success doesn’t end there, as at the 2019 edition of the Super Bowl, they performed America the beautiful.

As if that wasn’t enough, Halle and her sister’s talent was discovered by none other than Beyoncé, who mentors the artists. In fact, in 2016, the duo opened the tour on which the singer If I were a boy made for Europe. Also, a year earlier, Chloe x Halle discovered the pop star and her husband Jay-Z while on tour. On the Run II.

Her opportunity to make her Disney debut as a princess came from the director of Little MermaidRob Marshall, who saw her perform at the Grammys in 2019. From that moment on, the director knew he wanted her as a character in his film because the naturalness of the scene captivated him.

“Hally had this incredible ability to be able to go deeper, to find the truth about Ariel’s passion and heart. It was like seeing the birth of a great film actor,” he said Diversity.

So, Marshall invited her to an audition to play part of your worldone of the most famous Disney songs sung by Ariel.

“When it was over I cried because it was so touching. You could tell right away that he was able to tap into Ariel’s passion, her fire, her soul, her joy and her heart.”

In this new movie, which will hit the big screen on May 26, 2023, Javier Bardem will play King Triton (Ariel’s father) and Melissa McCarthy will play the evil Ursula.

Additionally, Oscar winners Lin-Manuel Miranda and Alan Menken are responsible for the soundtrack.

Little Mermaid is part of Disney’s efforts to bring the greatest animated classics to life in live action, just as it did with Alice in Wonderland (2010), Cinderella (2015), Beauty and the Beast (2017) and Aladdin (2019).

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