What is the relative style for interior decoration?

“Kinfolk” is a decorating style that seeks to return to our roots. Find out everything you need to know about this trend.

What is the relative style for interior decoration?

Last update: September 19, 2022

If you are planning to renovate your home and are looking for something that has a connection to nature, you probably want to take inspiration from the style relatives. It’s about creating spaces to rest and disconnect from the outside world.

It has a minimalist touch that takes you to the essentials. We tell you in detail how to apply it.

What is the “relative” style?

This style was born thanks to the famous magazine of the same name, which is a guide for those who seek a connection with nature, enjoy with family, live in harmony, are lovers of individualism and simplicity.

To understand this style a little more, we need to look at a specific community: the Amish. Relatives is inspired by this ethno-religious group known for breaking away from technology, sticking to tradition, connecting with nature and living in the countryside. His philosophy is based on the fact that simple things are the true essence of life.

For those who want to forget the hectic workdays, news, information blitz and multitasking, a home with style can relatives help disconnect and strengthen family ties. This can be achieved if you know how to arrange your house, so we show you some ideas that you should see.

The way of life Amish was the inspiration for the creation of relatives as a way of decoration.

Tips for “relative” indoor style

The main idea of relatives is to combine modern and elegant with simple details. In other words, have a modern style with natural materials and stone surfaces to give a rustic touch. Here are the tips you can’t miss.

Basic requirement: natural materials

Relatives Bet on natural materials. Anything related to stone, wood and fabrics such as linen or cotton are accepted.

The ideal is to go back to our ancestors and have style at the same time decoration. You know, an industrial and bohemian touch.

For this, you should look for classic and antique furniture. If they have straight and simple lines, much better.

Another must-see: the color palette

Another of the key pieces for this style are the colors earth, green, beigegrey, natural white, sand and brown. In short, neutral colors that recreate nature.

Make sure everything is in sync. Both the furniture and the walls, so that it creates the feeling of connection with the planet.

Mixing styles is key to achieving balance

The idea is not to go to extremes. It is not intended to live completely as our ancestors lived, but also to have too modern ornamentation. What must be done? The answer is to have an eclectic decoration.

Eclectic decoration is a trend that combines different styles. Elegance, but not overwhelming. Bohemian and modern style at the same time. It’s all about creating a balance that ultimately leads to a calm and relaxing space.

The most natural thing there is: plants

Can you think of anything more natural than plants? This is an essential element. Some people who follow this style they recommend the simple and the wild. Don’t make the mistake of overloading the place with them.

Ultimately, you choose what plants to have at home. What you should keep in mind is that there are special ones for growing indoors. For example, those who like to sunbathe partially; others like to stand in the corner.

Indoor plants should not overwhelm the room. And with them, he keeps minimalism.

The perfect touch with ethnic prints

Although this style requires an industrial touch, what will give it a real identity are the decorations of ethnic origin. For example, the wicker armchairs, crafts that reflect rural life and handmade furniture.

Necessary “relative-style” advice is not to overwhelm yourself

To bring the style to perfection relatives It is necessary to keep in mind the fact of maintaining balance. No need to overload.

It manages to coexist modern and elegant with bohemian and industrial. The idea is to find simplicity, calm and familiarity in your home; a place where you can rest and say goodbye to the stress of the day.

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