Two-year-old girl dies of severe beating in El Paso, Cesar; the stepfather would be the aggressor

A minor, aged two years and three months, died of a severe beating, allegedly caused by by his stepfather in the municipality of El PasoCesar, right in the village of La Loma.

For prior information, the minor was taken by her relatives to the Hernando Hospital. Quintero of La Loma District, with a blow to the right frontal part of the skull, for which they carried out an urgent referral process to the Sinaí Vitais clinic in the municipality of Bosconia, where he arrived without vital signs, despite the efforts of doctors to save his life.

The minor died at the local hospital. from this municipality due to the severe injuries apparently caused by his stepfather, who immediately reacted with the capture and was immediately taken to the prosecutor’s office. We await Legal Medicine’s legal opinion on these facts,” said Colonel Luis Leon, Cesar Police Commander.

The man, identified as Christian David Galindo Barrios, 21 years oldconstruction assistant, The minor’s stepfather was arrested for an alleged crime – murder.

In this situation, the authorities came to the house to start collecting physical evidence to prosecute the culprit for this fact that has terrified the community of this area and the municipality. They are asking for justice as soon as possible.

And it is that, according to the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Medicine, 874 children and adolescents died violently in the country in the first quarter of this year. Among those responsible for the crimes are relatives, friends, unknown, illegal armed groups and ordinary crime.

The father and murderer of the baby Sofia Kadavid sentenced to 35 years in prison

35 years in prison Diego Armando Cadavid will have to pay for his responsibility in the murder of his daughter Sofia, simple at 18 months. A judge issued the conviction after finding him responsible for felony aggravated murder.

The inspection was carried out by the Prosecutor General revealed that the father picked up the girl on December 17, 2020 at his mother’s home. Days later, despite the arrangement, Diego Armando did not return to the minor. Alarms were immediately raised to locate the girl. After contacting him, Diego Armando assured that he had been drugged and the minor had been kidnapped, a situation for which he filed a complaint.

However, his testimony presented remarkable inconsistencies, a situation for which he was linked to the investigation as a prime suspect as he was the last man had contact with the girl.

“The subject initially told authorities that he was a victim of a substance.” which caused him to lose consciousness and that his daughter was abducted by unknown persons,” the prosecution’s indictment reads.

But various documentary evidence allows to determine that the man transferred to a girl next to a path located between the neighborhoods of El Llanito and El Porvenir, in the municipality of Rionegro. A few hours later, he appears on the same security camera, but without little Sofia.

Sofia Kadavid was found dead in an area between the neighborhoods of El Lanito and El Porvenir in the municipality of Rionegro on December 18, 2020, with blows to the face and head. Her relatives reported her missing the day before. Diego Armando Cadavid He was immediately one of the main suspects, as he was the one who went out with Sofia on December 17, 2020.

The man admitted to killing his daughter on December 18 when he was caught by the authorities. The very same day they managed to find the exact place where found the body after the father himself indicated the location.

The first investigations show that Diego Cadavid, who was captured by the CTI of the Prosecutor’s Office, Gaula and the National Police, He beat his daughter to death after the minor’s mother decided she would no longer live with him. The authorities found the father of the minor visibly disoriented wandering the streets of the municipality and wearing a shirt with traces of blood on it.

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