These are the oppositions with the most opportunities to pass in 2022

The insecurity of the country’s labor market is a reality that many Spaniards try to escape, which is why to appear before oppositions that allow them to obtain a position of civil servant can be more than a significant professional opportunity. In this sense, the opponent who manages to pass the tests and face the wide competition will get a permanent position, with good remuneration, attractive working hours and ultimately job stability in various public sectors.

But despite the many advantages these public positions can offer, standing up is no easy task and requires effort, time and money. Hence, considering the large investment to be made, it is important for the person embarking on these selective tests to know which are the most affordable calls to attain job stability as soon as possible. In this context, From LA RAZÓN we asked the opposition academies Adams, Innova and Master D to learn their opinion on who they are the oppositions more affordable or more likely to pass in 2022 both for the number of topics and for the results they observe in their students.

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