The 10 best spas in Spain set in nature

Spas are considered to be all thermal spaces that meet two requirements: to be located near a spring and that its waters are mineral-healing. Moreover, they are all located in a privileged environment: valleys and mountains, where it is possible to breathe the cleanest air. There are more than a hundred mineral springs in Spain. Some have several centuries of history.

LA HERMIDA SPA (Cantabria)

Heading towards the Liébana area, at the gates of Picos de Europa, in Penarubia. This is where La Hermida is located, which also gives its name to a impressive breach, a gorge of more than twenty kilometers, pierced by the river Deva. Next to it is this spa center, it is fed by three springs whose waters rise at 60 degrees. Its therapeutic benefits have been known since the 18th century. The hotel’s cafe, with its terrace, offers the best view of the surroundings to be found. Following the old river path on foot is a good idea.

Panticosa spa, in the Pyrenees.


A narrow road of eight kilometers leads us here a historic spa at more than 1,600 meters above sea level, in Alto Gállego, in the Tena Valley of the Huesca Pyrenees. In the meadow that surrounds Ibón de Baños, a natural lake where the Caldares River is born, has two hotels (one is Belle Époque) and all its facilities. Among them, Baths of Tiberius, designed by Belén Moneo and Jeff Brock, which with their undulating forms integrate perfectly with nature. In its outdoor pool, we can watch the stars immersed in thermal water.

Great spa hotel on Puente Viesgo.
Great spa hotel on Puente Viesgo.
Joaquin Osorio Castillo


Guided visits to The caves of the castle and Santillana del Mar, tWorkshops to learn how to make sobaos, Somo surfing or hiking trails in the area are some of the activities offered by this famous spa located in Puente Viesgo, in the Toranzo Valley. The thermal qualities of its spring, on the right bank of the Pass River, were known to the inhabitants as early as the 18th century, who enjoyed them in the old baths. Nothing to do with the Temple of Water, which welcomes us today with its waterfalls, bubbles, jacuzzi and sauna.

Your spa.
Your spa.

TUS SPA (Albacete)

The Medieval Interpretation Center, located in its castle, is one of Yeste’s main attractions, but not the only one. It’s worth getting here discover the beauty of its surroundings, located as it is in the Sierra del Segura, in the Natural Park of Los Calares del Mundo y la Cima. Peace and relaxation will not be lacking for those who visit its spa, where the waters of the river Tus provide freshness and background noise. The thermal pool drinks from its source, with access to an outdoor cold pool with a waterfall. If we go on an excursion, they prepare food for us! How about some crumbs?

El Manantial Thermal Center, in Las Caldas.
Thermal center in Las Caldas.


just eight kilometers from Oviedo, on the banks of the Nalón River, around a spring located next to the old Casa de Baños from 1776, the work of the architect Ventura Rodríguez. Today, this site is occupied by the Royal Spa, with a colonnaded room housing a floating pool that will transport us back to the classical era. Also past memories have Aquaxana, a a wellness space whose design was inspired by the pantheon of Athens. It has an outdoor heated pool, from which we will certainly want to explore the surroundings. One suggestion: do Bear trail Cycling.

Sicilian Spa.
Exterior of the seaside resort of Sicily.

SICILY SPA (Zaragoza)

With jacuzzis, waterfalls and columns of jets at different heights, the thermal pool, located in a natural cave, is the main attraction of this spa, nestled in the Mesa Valley, in Jaraba, only 17 kilometers from the Monasterio de Piedra and the fantastic green environment that surrounds it. Among its facilities stand out a Japanese bath with a huge window open to a lavender field. An additional incentive to come here to rest or do some route around the surroundings, maybe until you reach the top of La Pedriza to enjoy the sensational panoramic view.

Villas del Turbon Spa.
Villas del Turbon Spa.


A walk to the Torcida Gorge, the Fuente Canals or even Pico Turbón are some of the routes that can be followed by those who decide to spend a holiday in this spa center which, located at 1437 meters above sea level, in the Pyrenees, offers a perfect combination : water, relaxation and mountains. Is it him spring of the Virgen de la Peña from which springs the waters feeding the facilities, including the thermal cave. If we have time, we can drive through the Ribagorca area to visit towns like Graus and Roda de Isabena.

Exterior of Elgorriaga Spa.
Exterior of Elgorriaga Spa.


North of Elgorriaga, a small town in the northwest of Navarre, in the Malerreka valley, in the area of ​​Baztán-Bidasoa, an extensive estate arises in which there is one of the springs with the strongest mineralization in the world. Just 30 kilometers from France and surrounded by green landscapes, this spa is located next to it, at the foot of the Mendaur mountain, which we can climb before succumbing to one of the invigorating treatments or experience packages it offers us. From the rooms of the hotel, which includes three apartments, there are sensational views.

Alhama de Aragon Thermal Lake.
Alhama de Aragon Thermal Lake.
Joseph Arcos Aguilar


Its elegant architecture evokes all the glamor of authentic 19th century spas. Although, without a doubt, the jewel of the place is his a thermal lake, unique in Europe, which is fed by several springs located at its bottom, whose water flows constantly at 32 degrees. With a maximum depth of two meters, it is the ideal place to swim and thus benefit from its beneficial effects. Situated in Alhama de Aragon, The spa has three hotels and a full thermal chain, with swimming pools, wet and dry baths, aroma showers and marble baths.

Caldes de Boy Spa.
Caldes de Boy Spa.


It was in the eighteenth century when the properties of the waters of 37 springs of the Caldes de Boí, which the Romans had already enjoyed in their times. Today, those who come to the spa in this quiet town like few others can do so, located at 1500 meters above sea level, in the Boí Valley, in Alta Ribagorza, next to the Aigüestortes and Estany de Sant Maurici National Park and places as important as Taull. It has two hotels, Manantial and Caldas, built according to the canons of mountain architecture and a large thermal center.

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