Canarian Photo Week will bring together great figures in nature photography in Lanzarote

Canarian Photo Week will bring together great figures in nature photography in Lanzarote

The initiative, orchestrated by Canarian Hospitality and organized by photographers Nestor Rodan and Justo Gómez, will take place from 7 to 12 February 2023 with the support of the Island Council and will include the participation of a dozen of the best landscape photographers in the world.. Sustainability and respect for the environment will be the backbone of the various topics and activities included in these conferences.

MYND Hotels, from hotel management company Canarian Hospitality, has collaborated with photographers Nestor Rodan and Justo Gómez to bring together 10 of the world’s best landscape photography specialists in Canary Photo Week 2023conference that will take place on the island of Lanzarote between February 7 and 12, 2023 and whose registration is now open.

The first edition of Canary Photo Weekwhich will be based at the MYND Yaiza Hotel opening this December, was born with a continuous spirit and consists of 14 different photography presentations and 8 workshops outdoor in the most emblematic enclaves of the island of Lanzarote.

Between speakers Among the sessions that will be taught in English are Daniel Cordan, Mads Peter Iversen, Kilian Schoenberger, Isabella Tabacci, Javier Alonso Torre, Jesus Manuel Garcia, Mario Rubio, Luis Miguel Azorin and Montse Gonzalez.

The initiative arose after the celebration this year in MYND Adeje, Tenerife, of the First Nature Photography Conference, a meeting that brought together the brand philosophy of MYND Hotels and the vision of photographers Nestor Rodan and Justo Gómez, architects, in harmony. and coordinators of Canary Photo Week.

In view of the motto that mobilizes much of the actions of MYND Hotels – Good people doing great things | good people doing great things Canarian hospitality decided to join forces with these two renowned professionals to make this event a reality.

Parallel photography competition: Canarian Photo Awards

In addition to conferences, MYND Hotels collaborates with Nestor Rodan and Justo Gómez in organizing a nature photography competition that will distribute over €15,000 in prizes: Canarian Photo Awards 2023.

With the Cabildo de Lanzarote as co-sponsor, participants will compete in different photographic categories closely related and aligned with the philosophy of MYND Hotels and his interest in respecting and enhancing the value of the environment.

Landscape, aerial photography, fauna, night photography and astrophotography and Mundo Canario are the modalities in which the contest is divided and which in turn define the backbone of its creation: Sustainability; with the aim of using photography as a powerful tool to define and diagnose our environment, as well as to discover the measures we as a civilization must take to solve the problems that put it at risk.

The ten prestigious speakers of the conference will form part of the jury together with Nestor Rodan and Justo Gómez and coincides with the closing of Canary Photo Week The gala will be held on February 11, 2023 in MYND Yaizain which awards will be presented to the overall winner, the winners in each category, as well as those who have silver and honorable awards of the competition.

The competition has awarded more than €15,000 in prizes, of which €9,000 is in cash. There will be one overall winner who will receive €4,000 in cash and a one-week stay for two people at any hotel in the MYND chain. The winners in each of the five categories will also receive €1,000 in cash and three nights for two at one of the chain’s hotels.

This is the first edition of the competition. Canarian Photo Awards and the days Canary Photo Week, who are born with a continuing spirit. In addition to sponsoring the MYND Hotels and on Council of Lanzaroteboth events are in collaboration with Lanzarote Isla Diferente, Film Commission Lanzarote, Squirrell Room and NCJMediaSolutions, as well as Simbiografía SC, a business initiative that Nestor Rodan and Justo Gómez launched to organize both events.

All those who wish to participate in the conference can now learn about its program and register, as well as access the rules of the competition on its web portals:

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