Argentine politics in slow motion

The former presidents summoned by the president, plus the cults, businessmen, CGT, the university, etc., should have been at this table a long time ago (Photo: Ronaldo SCHEMIDT / AFP)

The slow pace of politics is surprising., the times in which it freezes its actions, believing that the life of a country obeys its clock. That former presidents Fernandez de Kirchner and Macri are meeting – we are talking in the future tense – is due to the slow motion in which they carry out their actions. The former presidents called by the president, plus the cults, the businessmen, the CGT, the university, etc. they should have met at this table a long time agopartly avoiding more and worse decline that Argentina has been engulfed in for years.

Regarding what should happen and the huge doubts that it will happen (the aforementioned meeting), the consulting firm Synopsis conducted a survey on the perception of the attack on Christina Kirchner: it shows that 61% believe that the attack on the vice president could to have been planned by sectors associated with her to victimize her, while 32.2% disagreed. And even worse, according to this chronicler, only 4.2% believe that this fact will serve to calm the level of political confrontation between the ruling and the opposition, and 85.1% say that it will be little or nothing.

Real political leaders ignore polls because they have clear convictions. Now what would be the conditions for holding this meeting? A discussion agenda should be prepared in advance so that points of common agreement emerge from this meeting. This is not a selfie. It is clear that the meeting will be calm. But it would also create discontent in both coalitions because the election year is already on the agenda. The biggest complication would be to find some matching point. For this meeting to take place (in the case of the two former presidents), both must give up positions in pursuit of something higher. Are they capable of such an attitude?

President Alberto Fernandez is in New York, where he met Kristalina Georgieva, whom he found very understanding of the global crisis and how it affects Argentina. According to those close to the president, there was never a request to see President Biden on this tour, as the bilateral in Washington is forthcoming. It is worth remembering that the President of the United States will return to his country when President Fernandez goes to Houston for a meeting with oil workers on the issue of Vaca Muerta, in which there are favorable expectations.

On the topic that excites the opposition –remove the STEP– Sectors close to the president assure that he himself does not intend to change the schedule.

A handful of mayors and community presidents from the Santa Fe banks of the Paraná River got to go to the Obelisk—wrapped in the best entrerriano smoke– to make the national authorities understand that Rosario and its neighboring towns are Argentine. Parenthetically, the same applies to organized crime, before which the nation-state appears to have abandoned its obligations. told to Infobae the mayor of Villa Gobernador Gálvez, Alberto Ricci: “Governor Borde’s slowness to ask for intervention from the nation reminds me of Governor Valdes of Corrientes, who waited to burn half the province before asking for help.”

Among other things, politics runs away from those in the know. He believes that the important thing is to support science, not to rely on science. This outlet consulted Dr. Pablo Canziani on what he believed to be the causes of the fires: “There are natural cycles and human mismanagement, not just global changes. In Argentina, for too many years no one has been held accountable for what they do. It is exhausting to listen to mutual accusations. Neither the nation-state nor the provinces comply with the Environmental Plan, with the exception of Mendoza and some other provinces. There are good laws, such as the Forest Act, but they are not enforced. Mistakes are allowed such as planting conifers, replacing native species that facilitate fire. The planet is a balance between geophysics and life, if we change life we ​​are in big trouble. In Entre Ríos, there are problems related to paper production, poor animal husbandry practices, lack of governance by the national and provincial states.” Has it been partially resolved with the Wetlands Act? “I see great distortion (politicization and ideologization) on one side and the other.” The first thing to do is to know how nature works and act accordingly. Today, both sides of the divide do not understand it,” he added. And he recommended “cutting down on the smoke and ego and sitting down with the scientific community.”


Does the political leadership know its electorate?

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