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–9.15 am: In Toledo, the president of the PP of Castilla-La Mancha, Paco Núñez, chairs the meeting of the GPP steering group in the regional courts. Subsequently, at 11:00 a.m., he will chair the meeting of the PP-CLM Management Committee at the regional headquarters (C/ Colombia, 6), after which he will attend the media at 12:00 p.m. Finally, from 8:35 p.m., he will be interviewed on esRadio in the program “La Noche de Dieter”.

–9:30 a.m.: In Toledo, Mayor Milagros Tolon opens the conference “Renaturalization and use of the banks of the Tagus” at the San Marcos Cultural Center.

–10.00 a.m.: in Albacete, the president of the Parliamentary Group of Citizens, Carmen Picazo, together with the Provincial Deputy of Citizens in Albacete, Agapita García, and the Provincial Coordinator of Albacete, Ana Martínez, will hold a meeting with the Association of Family and Friends of People with mental illness AFAEPS, on the road to equality 5. There will be no media attention.

–10:15 am: In Ciudad Real, PSOE regional deputy Pablo Camacho will offer a press conference at the provincial PSOE headquarters.

–10:30 a.m.: In Guadalajara, the spokesperson of the popular municipal group, Jaime Carnicero, will report on issues of municipal interest in the Plaza Mayor.

–10.30 am: in Talavera de la Reina, the Provincial President of the Popular Party of Toledo, Carlos Velazquez, will attend the media in Puerta de Sevilla (Calle Carnicerías) to report on current events.

–10.30 am: in Ciudad Real, the spokeswoman of the Municipal Socialist Group, Pilar Zamora, will offer a press conference to report on the development of the Ciudad Real 2025 Modernization Plan, at the PSOE provincial headquarters.

–11.30 am: in Toledo, the deputy of the socialist group in the Cortes of Castilla-La Mancha Diana López offers a press conference in the group hall of the regional parliament.

–11:30 a.m.: In Toledo, the Minister of Social Welfare, Barbara García Toriano, appears at a press conference at the Palacio de Fuensalida to report on the Governing Council agreements related to her department.

Labor economics

–10.00 a.m.: in Toledo, Open Day at Inserta Toledo, at the company’s headquarters in the Beato Cardenal Sancha Center in Toledo (Río Júcar street, 4. Polígono industrial). The media attention will be at 10:00 a.m. and you will be able to take pictures and make statements of the Inserta installation workers.

— 11.15 a.m.: in Albacete, rally for equal pay for security guards at the regional center for minors and youth in Albaydel. At 11:15, the General Secretary of the UGT Albacete, Francisco Javier González García, will attend the media in front of the Puerta de la Casa Perona de Albacete.

–11.30 a.m.: in Helin, press conference to present the wine fair with PDO Jumilla, in the press center of the town hall.

society and culture

–9.15 a.m.: In Guadalajara, the second deputy mayor and councilor of celebrations, Sara Simon, offers an overview of the celebration of fairs and festivals in 2022 in the meeting room of the city hall.

–9.45 am: in Talavera de la Reina, the Councilor for Sport for Equality, Sergio Gutiérrez, attends the activity “Talavera, a sustainable and active city” within the framework of the European Mobility Week. The meeting point is Parque Tierno Galván (next to Avenida de Juan Carlos I). At the same time, the Board delegate in Talavera, David Gómez Arroyo, and the Provincial Delegate for Education, Culture and Sports, Jose Gutierrez, are also present. The media attention is scheduled for 9:45 a.m. on Paseo de Colombia in front of Tierno Galván Park.

–10.00 a.m.: in Albacete, the mayor Emilio Saez; national wheelchair basketball coach and head coach Abraham Carrion; BSR-Amiab player Vicky Perez; BSR-Amiab sports director, Juan Miguel Cano, and Amiab officials, Jose Carlos Jurado and Encarnacion Rodríguez, together with the president of the Spanish Federation of Sports for People with Physical Disabilities (FEDDF), Enrique Alvarez, will present the celebration of the Basketball Super Cup in wheelchairs in Albacete, in the plenary hall of the Municipal Council.

–10.00 a.m.: in Cuenca, the president of the provincial council, Álvaro Martínez Chana, and the deputy of heritage and rural development, Miguel Ángel Valero, present the novelties of the XXVIII edition of the Naturama nature fair, which takes place next weekend at the Hípica fairgrounds, in the Diputación.

–10.00: in Tomelloso, in the Francisco Carretero Room of the Town Hall, a meeting with the media will be held to promote an activity to be held in Tomelloso, organized by the Sports Department. Mayor Inmaculada Jimenez and Councilor Amadeo Treviño will be in attendance.

–10.00 a.m.: in Ciudad Real, Mayor Eva Maria Macias; Civic Involvement Advisor, Sara Martinez, along with other members of the Municipal Corporation will attend the opening of the Cancer Association’s exhibit at the Old Casino.

–10:00 a.m.: in Cuenca, the traffic sub-sector of the Cuenca Civil Guard, together with the provincial traffic headquarters, will hold a campaign to promote the Roadpol Safety Days campaign on road CM-2105 PK 10 ( Ventoro ). During the device, the provincial traffic chief of Cuenca, Ana María Zúñiga, the captain of the traffic sub-sector of the Cuenca Civil Guard, Ángel Medina, as well as several patrols from the same sub-sector will be present.

–10.30 a.m.: in Albacete, Mayor Emilio Sáez and Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Culture Vicente Kazan participate in the opening of the “Arquitectura del Teatro Circo” exhibition at Teatro Circo.

–10.30 a.m.: in Albacete, the advisor for equality and participation, Manu Martinez; and the president of the Fundación Mayores, María Angeles Fernández Trillo, will present the events of the Week of the Elderly and the First Regional Fair for the Elderly of Castilla-La Mancha at the Town Hall.

–10.30 a.m.: in Toledo, Mayor Milagros Tolon and Interflora Spain President Enrique Daguerre present the “Best Artisan Florist 2022” contest in the courtyard of the City Hall.

–11:00 a.m.: in Talavera de la Reina, the Councilor for Public Procurement and Concessions Monitoring, Luis Enrique Hidalgo, together with the Councilor for Celebrations, Daniel Tito, reports on the special bus service for the fairs of San Mateo, in the Press of Sala city council.

–11.00 am: in Ciudad Real, press conference to present the 13th edition of the Emerging Spanish Film Festival, Fecicam, at the Convento de la Merced/Museum Ciudad Real.

–11.00 a.m.: in Helin, press conference to present the plan for environmental education, in the press center of the town hall.

–11:30 a.m.: in Toledo, Cultural Advisor, Teo García, presents a new edition of Luz Toledo via webex.

–11:30 a.m.: in Albacete, Mayor Emilio Saez and Provincial Delegate for Education, Culture and Sports Diego Perez participate in the presentation of the contents of the XXIII Film Festival-Abyssin at the Municipal Museum of Cutlery.

–11:45 a.m.: In Toledo, the Deputy Minister of Social Services and Benefits, Guadalupe Martín, presents at 12:00 p.m. the publication “Emerging Alliances for Global Health”, edited by the NGO Coordinator of Castilla-La Mancha and funded by the Ministry of Social Welfare, in the meeting room of the Ministry of Social Welfare (Avenida de Francia, 4). The media attention will be held at 11:45 a.m. before the institutional presentation and subsequent colloquium with the publication’s heroes begins.

–12:15 p.m.: in Ciudad Real, Mayor Eva María Macias will attend, together with students from the Santo Tomás de Villanueva School, the “Bus to School” activity on the occasion of the European Mobility Week, in the courtyard of the Santo Tomás de Villanueva School . San Francisco Square, 1.

–12:30 p.m.: in Albacete, the delegate of the Board, Pedro Antonio Ruiz Santos, presents in the press center of Casa Perona, together with the film director Antonio del Real and the actors Concha Cuetos, Eulalia Ramón and Antonio Campos, the beginning of “Cinema and zone. A View of Rural Spain’, which will tour Castilla-La Mancha on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the film ‘The River That Takes Us’.

–1:00 p.m.: in Ciudad Real, in the experimental winery of the Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineers (located in the academic center itself), the production process of the first white wine of the experimental winery of the Higher Technical School of Engineers will begin agronomists The media will be attended by professor of oenology and technical manager of the winery Pablo Antonio Morales Rodríguez; and also professor with the same degree Monica Fernández González.

–2:30 p.m.: in Chueca (Toledo), the Vice President for General Affairs, Employment, Sports and Tourism Promotion, Fernando Muñoz, will participate in the events of the last day of the Chueca festivities, attending the popular paella offered in Aegida Square.

–5:30 p.m.: In Toledo, OCU organizes a workshop to talk about sustainable consumption and recycling in the conference room of the Castilla-La Mancha Library.

–6:30 p.m.: In Talavera de la Reina, opening of the exhibition “Ceramic Factories of Talavera and Bridge from XIX to XX” in the temporary rooms of the Museum of Ceramics.

–7:00 p.m.: In Toledo, Mayor Milagros Tolon presents the novel “Mosquita muerte” together with its author, Pilar Bravo, at the City Hall Building.

–7:00 p.m.: in Helin, a tribute act to Dolores Abril by Valeriano Belmonte, at the Dolores Abril Amphitheater.

–10:00 p.m.: in Gerindote (Toledo), the president of the Provincial Council of Toledo, Álvaro Gutiérrez, will attend the proclamation of the opening of the celebrations of the patron saint of Gerindote in the Plaza de España.


–10:30 a.m.: In Guadalajara, the board delegate, Eusebio Robles, together with the provincial health delegate, Margarita Gasqueña, and the manager of the integrated area of ​​Guadalajara, Antonio Sanz, visit the expansion facilities of the University Hospital of Guadalajara. The visit will start at 10:30 a.m. and the starting point will be the door of the new Emergency Department of the said extension.

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