The wonderful gift of nature with the aroma of chocolate

The nature It is one of the most beautiful things on the planet. It is so vast that every day its inexplicable beauty and power surprises. No one is exempt from appreciating and enjoying his wonders, but few have the joy of seeing his most extraordinary gifts. Nature gives a beautiful flower called Cosmos Astrosanguineuswith sophisticated chocolate flavorunique in its kind.

It is a very strange pink or reddish flower. Also known as chocolate flower, is sadly gone, although today you can enjoy its cloned version. Previously, it could be found in some regions of Mexico. It is very delicate, admired and desired by many thanks to its special and unique aroma. And you can have it in your house garden.

Get a chocolate flower for your garden

Everyone might think that chocolate is just a matter of taste, but it turns out to be an element that you can have in your garden too. Chocolate lovers will be able to plant the delicious Chocolate Cosmos, a flower that, although thought to be extinct, has been reproduced thanks to a clone. Now you have the opportunity to decorate the garden and enjoy its exquisite aroma.

This silver is a perennial herb. It measures between 40 and 60 centimeters. The flowers are produced in a dark red to dark brown flower head 3 to 4.5 centimeters in diameter. The center of the head is made up of various oblong flowers with a soft vanilla scentlike many chocolates.

The chocolate flower is a small, fragrant and decorative plant. It is famous not only in Mexico, where it originated, but also in the United States. It has decorative applications, in centerpieces and in garden paths. It is also easy to grow and helps to attract bees or add exoticism to the garden.

How to grow a Chocolate Cosmos plant

The chocolate flower is ideal for group planting. Although we comment that it is a perennial plant, this happens if the weather is hot throughout the year. When it gets cold it dies, especially in winter. But if the weather is changeable throughout the year, it will grow as an annual.

As for the harvest, it differs from other flowers because they do not spread by seed because they are completely sterile. To have this flower in your garden, you need to divide the roots or tubers. It is very easy and simple ie. you don’t need exceptional conditions.

It is recommended to plant it in the spring. The best place is in the outdoor garden, where the sun’s rays fall directly. You can do it in groups and on difficult soils as long as the soil is rich and well drained.

To get a chocolate flower, you need to choose a root or tuber that has an eye. These tubers, which probably have an eye, are connected directly to the main root. An eye is any root that has green shoots.

Carefully separate the roots by doing a clean cut with a sterilized knife. Then store them in a cardboard or wooden box and put them in a dry and cool place, at a temperature of 4° to 8°. Keep them in place until spring to plant when the weather is right.

Remember that you have saved roots. Be sure to check them every week to see if they remain saved. In case of fungal problems, add a dry fungicide or simply remove the affected root. The planting should be done at a depth of 15 centimeters.

Take care of your beautiful chocolate flower

The chocolate flower does not require special careYou just have to be careful to water it every week. Make sure the drain is working properly. You can notice failures if after a week the soil is still wet. Remember that excess water damages the root and kills the flower.

It usually blooms in the spring and you don’t need to prune it completely, just remove the flowers that have died or are starting to dry. This plant lasts until the first frosts, but there is a way to care for it so that it survives the cold.

In winter, you can transplant the flower, as it accepts it very well. You can take it to a greenhouse or inside the house until the cold passes. Don’t forget to protect it with thermal fabric.

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