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  • The Italian singer assures that he spoke about the consequences of the pandemic. He assured that a step back should be taken: “E- try to do things better than we did before” | Photo: EFE

Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti chose the city of Seville, southern Spain, to present his new album infinite bat (infinite heartbeat) and begins his world tour, although in an interview with Efe he does not want to talk only about music and quickly addresses the effects of the covid pandemic, which he considers “a very strong signal from nature”.

Aware that, like everyone who has seen the pandemic pass without affecting him, he is lucky, when asked how he welcomes the appearance of the new album, he replies that “like everyone else, I wanted to be reborn. We have lived through a sad, peculiar period, which is not over yet, but little by little it is getting better.”

For him, it’s not just a virus that has become aggressive and traveling, but “it’s a very strong signal from nature that we’re exaggerating with everything, so we have to take that step back and try to do things better than we have done before. Better than before to make everything better”.

The little more than four minutes his press office provides for an interview with Eros Ramazzotti doesn’t go far, especially in getting to know the man behind the character, although the singer, who has sold more than 70 million records since the 1980s, is tries to make it easy, say hello, joke and ask for health as in any conversation.

With two cameras focusing on the interviewer and the interviewee, and a spotlight on his face, he declares, “I’m used to it, it’s been like this for many years,” because since 1985 he’s been editing excited hearthis life has always been about a microphone, a stage and spotlights on his face.

The maturity of Eroz Ramazzotti

Now this Roman boy named Eros Luciano Walter Ramazzotti Molina already sees life with the maturity of 58 years and has just filled the Maestranza bullring in Seville in the premiere of a tour whose concert in the Andalusian capital took place at the same time as ” Battito infinito”, his new album, was uploaded on all platforms worldwide.

But his music goes a long way, even if vinyl comes back to life and the album comes out in bright colors rather than the traditional black, with all the conditions for success, even with “Soy”, a song with the Spaniard Alejandro Sanz, who says, that they have known each other for years.

“After following each other for so long, we thought about doing this project together, but he had commitments, so did I…”, so when all was said and done, we had to stop because of the pandemic, but “we ended up working together on something, though each from his own house, of course”.

And it’s that the magic of the recording studios made the two voices come together after recording separately, but the end result “was a good experience”, just like starting an exhausting but edifying tour in Seville: “Our work is like, going henceforth, making people have fun, we have fun ourselves. We all expected to do something, and we expected to sing on stage,” he says.

Ramazzotti feels loved in Spain, it shows and it is no coincidence that since 1985 with “Almas rebels” all his songs have been published in Spanish and although he does not defend himself in this language in the melee, he admits that he likes it. , “and a lot,” how much Spanish-speaking audiences love him.

Currently in the live show “there are many songs from the new album, but also from the previous one, although there are more in Italian because the new songs in Spanish are still a bit hard to ‘chew'”, but there is still a lot to rehearse, while normalizing this in his new job as well.

35 years of experience

However, he has been in the career for more than 35 years and his songs have achieved more than 2000 million plays on music platforms around the world and, since time is short, although less than four minutes have passed, it is time to say Goodbye.

This confirms that it is said that “lots of shit in Italy too” wish you luck. “Lots of bullshit,” then, a quick goodbye to continue his promotional work, which alternates with stages he will set foot halfway around the world until March 2023.

With information from EFE

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