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Lick Julio Cesar Zamudio — Corporate Marketing Director of Mexico

Many people who are sick would like to go out, run, breathe fresh air, live with nature, climb trees, they remember their youth when they could walk, spend time with their family, play with the rain, see the snow falling through a window or the rain, watch the wind move all the trees, cables and dust along the street, walk around your home garden to water the flowers or any other plant, see how the plants give birth, in the spring watch the butterflies and all kinds of animals that take advantage of the season to come out, watch the huge trees that give an impressive shade you want to eat under them to live with nature, they sick people are those who value nature the most because they miss going out and living with it However, the other side of the face is the illegal cutting of trees and the deforestation, felling and extraction of forest resources without the permission of SEMARNAT which o is a crime without official permits any person, social groups, non-governmental organizations can report to the environmental protection authorities any action that may cause ecological imbalance or damage to the environment or natural resources, as established in articles 189 and 190 of the General Environmental Law. Ecological balance and environmental protection, and deforestation also affects a lot, I mean the change of land use for other activities, what affects a lot is the unexplored tourism use, several tourism projects are implemented where the impacts are due to negative ecological effects for the development of tourism infrastructure is the change in the use of forest land, the generation of hazardous waste and the destruction of the habitats of terrestrial and aquatic flora and fauna, it is better to promote nature tourism, it is an activity that promotes the sustainable use of natural resources is a strategy for the development of communities and a means of To spread the natural and cultural heritage of Mexico, but not everyone thinks the same way, unfortunately everyone thinks about their specific and personal interests, for example the Mayan train, just for this project more than two fifteen hundred hectares of land are deforested, wet and dry jungles, pro the mayan train ect was illegally tracked on ejido land affecting entire families not caring they had to leave their own land with their children this is called abuse of power by a macho socialist president misogynist poor and mediocre, falsely supportive benefits for the poorest and most vulnerable families, but the Mayan train tourism project has made it clear that there are other interests at play and they are not exactly helping the most vulnerable families, protecting the environment or anything like that, because in reality the top level employees do not know anything about their functions, nor do they have the initiative to run environmental campaigns in general, for example create initiatives to convert all vehicles to hybrid, electric and natural gas to avoid more further pollution of the environment, I will mention the name of an official who is fully committed to his work, and well, he can occupy a position as the director general of a general natural transport or as head of SEMARNAT, he is Lic.Enrique de la Cruz, a very dedicated character to be considered for positions at the highest level, very concerned about the environment and public transport, has carried out endless studies in benefit of public transport and the environment and who is currently completing a PhD in the academic career he studied, well-researched characters are what the country needs so that the highest positions are filled and then, for starters , change and revolutionize public transport across the country, make it hybrid, electric and authentic nte environmentally friendly using natural gas and not gasoline, with this the environment will not be damaged, plants will flourish and we will enjoy nature more, what a world will we leave to the future descendants?, the planet is full of people who seek only their interests override the rights of the environment, there are people who have a patio in the oma, it can be used to grow your own food, plant trees, save water and do other activities for the benefit of the environment, but even more, teach children from an early age to plant trees, water plants, to respect the environment in general, in fact our planet is in danger and needs our help, pollution and loss of biodiversity has increased excessively, let’s conduct environmental campaigns, protect wildlife, restart legal initiatives to financially support NGOs that protect the environment, the termination and abolition of l Federal Republican austerity law enacted in this socialist administration that does nothing good for society, cultural practices for the benefit of the earth must be carried out, social and environmental return analysis must be continuously observed, companies and society as a whole must be a united team in favor of the environment ah, companies should pollute less and contribute what they can to organizations that protect the environment, society can plant small trees, save water, turn off lights at home that are not in use, recycle, don’t throw away trash on the streets, sort trash and do environmental actions that girls and boys learn, everything, migrate from gasoline to natural gas and electric vehicles (propose it as a law), for a better planet and ENJOY NATURE

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