Villa: “Nationalism is exclusionary in nature and this exclusion is transmitted in the minds of the people” – Monologue by Antonio Heras

Third hour of “Weekend Morning”, I’m Guillermo Villa and I greet you on behalf of the entire team of the program. We are pleased to accompany you until half past eight this Sunday morning, September 18, 2022

We are entering the week in which autumn begins. It will be next Friday. You will agree with me that no autumn has been so heralded as this one, as we have been warning for weeks, months that the new season will bring with it all kinds of disasters: the economic crisis will worsen, with inflation still at insane levels, and the energy crisis will emerge in full force, with Russia cutting off gas and Europe expecting insufficient reserves. And of course, the savings from the pandemic were used to enjoy a summer that is already too far away. And the worst part is that it will more or less be like that.

And how do we Spaniards prepare for this fall, which is now just around the corner? Well, the truth is, in many ways. On the one hand, in terms of heating, we learned an interesting story yesterday. This is the company Chimeneas Yáñez in Valladolid. Yesterday at Cope we spoke to his manager, Lewis. He told us that they usually had a lot of demand for stoves, fireplaces and pellets when it was cold, but in the current situation they were waiting in queues for weeks, the likes of which he had never seen in his life.

Louis also told us that they have traditionally worked in second homes, but now they are getting more and more requests from people asking them to the installation of the fireplace is done in the first dwelling, sometimes, he admitted to us, in places where it should not be installed.

Anyway, here we are, getting creative to go where the portfolio doesn’t. And we are trying to adapt in our own way one of the recommendations that Brussels proposed this week, that of reducing energy consumption. You already know that the other proposal that now needs to be approved by the commission is to record the extraordinary profits of the power companies. This is not the same thing that the Sánchez government proposed here in Spain, although yesterday the president tried to say the opposite in a classic rally version.

where’s the catch? Well, it is true that Brussels has proposed to create a tax, but not for electricity revenuesace, but because of its extraordinary profits. Is not the same. Energy experts like Oscar Arnedillo, with whom we had the opportunity to speak yesterday on this program, clearly see it that way.

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