Queretaro’s local congress approves ‘Victoria’s Law’ to punish murder of girls with 66 years in prison

Queretaro Congress approves “Victory Law” (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

The gruesome murder of a six-year-old girl, Victoria, in the state of Queretaro has left her relatives in great pain and a wave of outrage across Mexico over the brutality of the crime. However, just over five months after his assassination, subject authorities continue to seek means to mitigate and prevent this type of crime.

Under this tenor and in memory of the little girl, last Wednesday Local Congress of Queretaro approves “Victory Law”which provides for the punishment of the crime of murdering a woman in the said demarcation by imprisonment for more than 66 years.

The initiative was presented by Liz Selene Salazar Perez Y Laura Dorantes Castilloand both militant MPs from the Party of National Action (PAN), although it was also supported by Villa Mariela Poncewho serves as the Presiding Magistrate of the Supreme Court.

Before the Law of Victory, killing women in Querétaro was punishable by sentences of 20 to 50 years in prison (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Under this tenor, “Law of Victory” is considering punishing the murders of girls, teenagers and disabled women with sentences of up to 66 years in prison.

It is worth mentioning that before this initiative the murder of women in Queretaro was punishable by sentences between 20 and up to 50 years in prison, therefore, with the approval of the Victoria Act, a minimum sentence of 26 years and eight months and a maximum sentence of 66 and eight months are provided.

With these changes, Mariela Ponce Villa, presiding magistrate of the Supreme Court, believes that by increasing the penalties, it will be possible to reduce the increase in cases of murder of women registered in Queretaro.

Six-year-old Victoria Guadalupe disappeared after going to the stationery store (photo: FGE Querétaro)
Six-year-old Victoria Guadalupe disappeared after going to the stationery store (photo: FGE Querétaro)

In the first weeks of April, the disappearance of Victoria Guadalupe, a six-year-old minor from the state of Queretaro, whose trail was lost after leaving the stationery store.

Unfortunately, after a few days absence, The body of the girl was found in a place near the unit where she livedaccording to the Attorney General of Queretaro.

Evidence suggests that Victoria went missing after going to the stationery store at around 05:15 on Wednesday afternoon. So not seeing her daughter return, Victoria’s mother went out to look for her, which was joined by the neighbors.

For your search, according to Attorney General of the State of Queretaro (FGE), more than 100 items belonging to various entities such as the Office of the Attorney General, State Police and on Municipal police.

The alleged killer of the six-year-old was arrested and put on trial after the body was discovered (Photo: FGE Querétaro)
The alleged killer of the six-year-old was arrested and put on trial after the body was discovered (Photo: FGE Querétaro)

Despite the fact that authorities have repeatedly searched the areas around the place where Victoria Guadalupe disappeared on April 9, 2022. The body of the little girl, only six years old, was found covered in nylon on land near the unit where he lived.

After the discovery, the General Prosecutor’s Office of Querétaro (FGE) changed the lines of investigation of the case and the protocol from femicide. Expert services picked up the body and performed an autopsy to determine the causes of death, which turned out to be suffocation by strangulation Y sexual injuries.

Death was also found to have occurred at approx 48 hours before the expert interventionso it was possible to establish that the death had occurred hours before any authority received the no-location report.

For said crime A 26-year-old man from Oaxaca was arrested and related to the trial, who is supposed to be a neighbor of the minor and her family in Queretaro. The alleged murder of a woman was admitted to the CERESO of San Jose El Alto and did not receive the benefit of being released on bail.


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