More than 92 thousand male workers have enrolled girls and boys in IMSS nurseries

this scheme establishment it was strengthened by amendments to Articles 201 and 205 of the Social Security Act. Currently, 27.8 percent of all minors in day care centers are daughters and sons of male workers.

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From October 2019 to July 2022, more than 92,000 male employees associated with the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) enrolled their daughters and sons in the day services offered by the institution, where minors receive food, educational care, health promotion and therapeutic support.

The Head of the Department of Regulation of Kindergartens and Employment Schemes of the IMSS, Erica Teresa Suarez Saavedra, explained that in October 2019 the National Council for the Prevention of Discrimination (Conapred) issued a recommendation to the Social Security to guarantee the right to the male policy holders to exercise this benefit, as on the said date the inscriptions are open.

He pointed out that this establishment scheme has been strengthened by the reform of articles 201 and 205 of the Social Security Act, “through which the service is provided to working parents, insured under the compulsory regime, who have children and can enroll them in our nurseries . “

He said that as of July 2022, out of 180,467 minors enrolled in 1,326 social security day care centers, a total of 50,288 (27.8 percent) were daughters and sons of insured men.

He pointed out that Guanajuato, Chihuahua, Jalisco, Sonora and Tamaulipas registered the highest number of registered men working in social security nurseries.

Suarez Saavedra stressed that all minors receive healthy, varied and sufficient food according to their age; health promotion activities that monitor health status, vaccination schedules, health filter at reception and medical care; pedagogy to promote their overall development; and the administrative part, which is responsible for reviewing the human and material resources for the proper functioning of the children’s institution.

We also have inclusive crèches where we provide therapeutic support to children with moderate disabilities to improve their development and integration into society,” he said.

She added that IMSS is committed to opening additional locations this year to provide the service to more workers, which is why it is implementing an expansion program through integrated day care schemes, company day care and expanding spaces, some of which already are in surgery.

Parents insured under the Institute’s Mandatory regime are invited to remind them that they have the right to the Nursery service for their children from 43 days from birth to 4 years of age; come to any of our units or the page has all the necessary information to be able to register them”, he indicated.

Victor Solis worked 14 years in the federal government and spent a long time trying to get the right to provide childcare services, “which traditionally have always been for mothers. I found out about it from other parents, from the spread of news and websites, I looked for information about it and the nearest kindergarten to my workplace, I saw good comments from parents on social networks and decided to enroll my son. .

He said that at work, his schedule starts at nine in the morning and sometimes ends between seven and nine in the evening, so he takes advantage of his lunch break to pick up his son and take him home before returning to work.

“Being close to my place of work is important to me, in any unforeseen or eventual circumstances I can go to my son and know he is ok, be aware or closer to him and obviously trained people with experience in the field of caring for minors, as well as teaching them to be more independent and subject to sphincter control, which is a very difficult process for children,” she emphasized.

Regarding reforms to the laws to ensure that working men have access to this benefit, he believes that it is something that is fair and necessary, “today, when there is always talk of equality between the sexes, equality, I think they have forgotten a little bit about working parents , that we have our children and we need this type of service”.

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