With stories and cartoons, the Book and Culture Festival reached 170 boys, girls, adolescents and young people from vulnerable groups

  • The offer has reached NNAJs located in the Juvenile Prevention, Rehabilitation and Hospital Care Centers.
  • They received creative workshops in literature, writing, storytelling and cartooning.
  • It is an initiative led by the Office of the Social Manager and the Secretariats for Non-Violence, Civic Culture, Social Inclusion, Family and Human Rights and Health.

With a two-day agenda where more than 170 Boys, Girls, Adolescents and Youth – AGE and Youth received books and participated in reading activities, storytelling, building texts about their life stories, drawing and caricature workshops, The Medellín City Hall has turned the Book and Culture Festival into an inclusive space for the population that traditionally does not have the tools that allow them to approach these spaces.

Center for Preventive Internment «The Welcome” and Center for Specialized Care “Carlos Lleras Restrepo”.«, where the youth from the Juvenile Criminal Responsibility System, as well as those from the Diagnostic and Referral Center (Route to Restoring Rights), as well as the boys and girls from the Children’s Hospital Concejo de Medellín, were the beneficiaries with all the magic programming and letters in the literary event.

We organize the Book and Culture Festival, telling all these young people about the literary world, also offering storytellers and plastic arts, presenting city events to our young population. Let it be a party that vibrates in the municipalities and neighborhoods of Medellin“, expressed social manager Diana Osorio Vanegas.

The Book and Culture Festival 2022 – Photo City Hall of Medellin

This proposal was led by the Office of the Social Manager and the secretariats of non-violence, culture, inclusion and health, which also accompanied the artistic and cultural presentations of the young people who are part of these youth justice projects. rights and hospital medical care.

The Secretariat of Civic Culture, the Office of the Social Manager and the Secretariat of Non-Violence have come together to bring the Festival of Book and Culture to Children and Adolescents of the Juvenile Restorative Justice Program. With these strategies, besides guaranteeing their attention, we guarantee processes of new opportunities, through art and culture, so that they can advance” said Nonviolence Secretary Luis Eduardo Giraldo Lopera.

The Secretariat for Nonviolence accompanied the processes in these centers of preventive internment for two years, bringing these vulnerable groups of the population closer to cultural and artistic spaces that help to explore life skills, new talents and redirect the life project of CAYs.

The experience I had at that time with the City Hall of Medellín, with the storytellers, is something very good because it leads me to things that I like and that I am passionate about: which is reading. It is something I carry in my blood as well as those who have come here to tell. When I shared with them, I saw myself reflected there. In a book I can learn”, added one of the youth from the criminal responsibility system.

The Book and Culture Festival 2022

The Book and Culture Festival 2022 – Photo City Hall of Medellin

The stories, which were developed through storytelling, were adapted to the context of the children, adolescents and young people who stay in these centers, with simple stories that leave a thoughtful message about resilience, that invite them to move forward to overcome adversity and to reinforce the message of the current edition of the Book and Culture Festival: It is time to imagine, time to believe that new possibilities exist.

It is very important for us to reach the juvenile justice centers. I think bringing books and reading and these possible worlds closer to teenagers gives them a way to travel through time and live in the distance. People who read can reflect, be better citizens“, explained the director of Book Events in Medellin, Ana Piedad Jaramillo.

Family members and young people who are part of these processes receive an institutional proposal in an articulated way from the Family Unit and the Integrated Family Center-CIF of the Secretariat for Social Inclusion, Family and Human Rights, entity with which the party at the Center took place for diagnosis and guidance, which guarantees the attention of girls, boys and adolescents from 7 to 17 years, in a situation of threat or violation of rights.

Similarly, activities such as Music and Cinema for Life were promoted, with workshops for young people, in addition to meetings aimed at strengthening family emotional ties and confident management of emotions with fathers and mothers of children, called Schools for Parents, in which nearly 100 relatives of children, adolescents and young people from the criminal responsibility system participated. Precisely, together with the Ministry of Health and the Music Therapy project, this literary meeting brought a storyteller, a children’s musician Dapinti and a cartoonist to Hospital Infantil Concejo de Medellín.

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