Where Brits love the UK monarchy comes from (and what its critics say)

  • Paula Roses
  • BBC News World

image source, Average BP


Citizens have been queuing since dawn to enter Elizabeth II’s burning chapel.

The death of Elizabeth II ends an era. The world has changed from top to bottom since the 25-year-old queen took the throne in 1952, but one constant remains: majority British support for the monarchy.

In her 70-year reign, Elizabeth II managed to witness enormous social change. In many aspects, on Britain today is very different from that post-war country. It has transformed from a conservative and traditional society to a diverse country where the majority of children are born out of wedlock and only one in four people consider themselves religious.

However, monarchy, a system based on the inheritance of power and privilege, continues to maintain a steady popularity. A 62% of Britons support it as a political systemaccording to the survey “YouGov” published last June.

Carlos III himself, who until now had not been among the British preferred members of the royal family, was able to feel the effect of the crown: his popularity has doubled since he became king.

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