“Turismo RE”: Bogotá’s new initiative to position itself as a wellness tourism destination

In the image one of the wellness activities carried out during the launch of the “Re Tourism” strategy. Photo: Photographic archive of the Regional Tourism Institute / Daniel Ruiz

In order to promote the segment of wellness and nature tourism in Bogotáon Regional Institute of Tourism (IDT) start the program “RE Tourism”through which they will seek to promote experiences that allow tourists, visitors and residents to re-encounter, reconnect and re-activate.

Through this new tourism strategy, the District will seek promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual activity through experiences related to nature, culture or ancestral knowledge in the city.

“After the pandemic, people have suffered physical, emotional and even mental consequences. Tourism is a wonderful tool to restore and reconnect with yourself and others. With RE Tourism, we want to generate experiences that allow us to rediscover, reconnect and re-activate as individuals with nature, space and inner being,” said IDT Director, Carol Fajardo.

The employee then added: “For us as a destination, it is very important to keep up with new market trends and the needs of national and international tourists. In this sense, “RE Tourism” is in line with the call made this year by the World Tourism Organization to “Rethink Tourism”.

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It is currently part of the strategy Bogotá Botanical Garden, 22 experiences and projects working in Bogotá and its surroundings, and 16 business initiativesthrough which IDT will seek to promote a culture to improve the quality of life of citizens.

Here’s how, according to the Regional Institute of Tourism, with the new program, Colombians and tourists will be able to enjoy the following categories during their visit to Bogotá:

– Contemplation of nature.

– Holistic.

– Healthy eating.

– Cultural/ancestral practices.

– Playful/fun.

The director of Bogota Botanical Garden, Marta Perdomofor its part, announced that those interested in the wellness activities offered there will be able to attend any of the five natural therapies they currently have in their portfolio: Naturotherapy, Forest therapy, Green spirit, healthy, active and happy and a forest of sensations.

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“We are proud to be recognized as a research center, an icon of nature in the city, and also as a meeting place to strengthen the human-nature connection, the health and well-being of children, youth and adults. We have strengthened our portfolio of natural therapies not only here in the garden facilities, but also in the twenty locations in Bogotá and we will continue to do so because we believe that the citizens and tourists of Bogotá should meet again in nature and have this experience of healing and well-being,” Perdomo said.

During the launch of the strategy, which took place on September 15 at the facilities of the Botanical Garden in Bogotá, some of the wellness initiatives that the city currently has were present, which celebrated the new project of the District and those who depend on this sector in capital of the country qualified as a benefit.

“We are very happy to be a part of this important project and that IDT took us into account, especially when this is the case.” for the benefit of the entire community of the village of El Verjón. We look forward to what the arrival of visitors and tourists can mean, in addition to sharing what we know and do.”pointed out the coordinator of Abos Tour and Casa Colibrí Biopark, Ángel Castañeda.


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