The routine to show off a more sensual backside

Physical activity is essential for a healthy life, which, accompanied by a balanced diet, counteracts any health problem. However, to carry out each workout, if possible, the company of a trainer is recommended.

If what you want is to shape the body, there are basic exercises for that to emphasize the waist or improve the appearance of the back, for example. Although the following exercises can be helpful, it is advisable to have proper posture to avoid injuries that worsen later.

The health portal Tua Saúde reveals the right exercises to show off a slim back, such as:

Aerobic exercises

According to the Mayo Clinic, physical therapy should be appropriate for each person. In the meantime, it is recommended that if a person wants to exercise with aerobic exercise, he should do it for at least 150 minutes in a relaxed manner.; however, if the physical session is intense, it should be 75 minutes.

Also, if what is sought is to lose weight, for a total of 300 minutes spread over 42 minutes each day of the week, one can achieve this goal. It should be remembered that in this exercise you can walk, run, swim, ride a bike, among others, because unlike muscle exercises, it does not require lifting weights.

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Therefore, to strengthen muscles are recommended to be trained twice a week, considering that in most cases one or two muscle areas are targeted in one day. It is recommended to include aerobic exercise in this weekly program.

Although the exercise consists of discipline, it stems from persistence, so if it is not possible to do it continuously, it is recommended to do it at least for half an hour, at different times of the day, that is, during a five-minute run, for example.

Furthermore, the above website explains that even if a person exercises every day but sits for a long time, he cannot expect beneficial results as it not only harms the body but also shortens his life span.

The iron

This practice is becoming more and more important because it allows strengthening the muscles of the body and toning them:

  • You should lie face down on the floor, lifting your torso supported by your hands and the tops of your feet for approximately 20 seconds and rest.
  • Do it repeatedly.

The lateral lift

This exercise is known to those who want to tone up, and although it focuses on the shoulders, it can be very useful for those who want to define their back. It is enough to have a dumbbell in each hand, and then raise it to the height of the shoulders laterally.

the oars

More precisely, this exercise consists of folding the arms at chest height with the help of dumbbells or barbells.

After performing these physical exercises, it is likely that back pain will occur, which may be normal, but if the pain persists, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

back pain

The Mayo Clinic explains that one of the main reasons for absence from work is back pain, which can be intense, perceived in some cases as a burning sensation in that area of ​​the body.

The American Research Organization states that muscle tension, bulging, arthritis or osteoporosis can be associated with this common back symptom.

The people who are more likely to suffer from it are those who do not exerciseare overweight, over 40 years old, make sudden movements and smoke too much.

Changing unhealthy habits is beneficial to the body because it contributes to its health and counteracts the conditions under which back pain can develop. For this reason, the following tips are helpful in preventing it:

It is important to note that the back muscles support the spine.  Photo: Getty Images
It is important to note that the back muscles support the spine. Photo: Getty images – Photo: Photo: Getty images.
  • Have a regular physical routine.
  • A good diet that includes fruits and vegetables to reduce the chances of being overweight.
  • I refuse to smoke.

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