Recommendations of the Society of Emergency Medicine for avoiding accidents in the mountains

When we talk about summer, we think of a pool or a beach. But there are many people for whom the mountain is the holiday destination.

So much so that the influx of adventure sports users has increased significantly in recent years. Activities that, on the one hand, bring great health benefits (guaranteed physical activity, contact with nature…), can also cause fear when doing them.

According to the Coordinator of the Working Group on Emergencies in the Mountain and Natural Environment of the Spanish Emergency and Emergency Medicine Society (SEMES), the emergency doctor Dr. Manuel Pons:

  • “The increase in mountain activities suggests that more adverse events are likely to occur. This reason has led many autonomous communities to disinfect and/or medicate rescue teams.”

Prevention of mountain accidents

Despite the increase in the number of accidents in the mountains, the best measure is to prevent these adverse events or possible accidents.

For this reason, the members of this emergency group have drawn up a series of recommendations to meet our holidays as safely as possible and thus minimize the risk of an accident in the mountains.

  • The first and most useful don’t go to the mountain alone. The company in this type of activities is one of the best means of prevention. Besides not knowing the area, experts recommend having an accredited guide if you decide to go it alone.

  • If you decide to go alone, report the route, estimated completion time, and try to text someone you trust about each step you take. When you have coverage, the messages will disappear and they will know your orientation position.

  • Another point is essential rate the route or activity this will be done to ensure it is in line with our fitness and abilities.

  • stay well water throughout the activity.

  • It is important to plan in advance the activity to be carried out. For this aspects like duration or difficulty.

  • Protect yourself from the sun and insects. SEMES experts recommend wearing “protective clothing for possible bites such as ticks in tall grass, as well as sun protection. Long sleeves and long pants can be your double ally for both the sun and those little mountain dwellers.”

  • Remember that the temperature on the mountain is not the same as that of our starting point. That is why it is necessary to take them protection material from this temperature difference.

  • And, of course, “in case of an accident, call emergency phone of the country you are in.

This is how basic equipment should be

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When preparing the backpack, make sure bring all necessary materials for carrying out the mountain activity. And carry an extra “just in case”.

But at the very least, trimming mountain trips, it is important to have basic equipment prepared, which should include:

  • First aid kit.

  • Chelnik.

  • Thermal blanket.

  • water.

  • Something to snack on, like energy bars.

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