Nerpio arrives at the Albacete fair as an “open air museum” and tourist destination where history and nature go hand in hand

Nerpio participates this Saturday morning, September 17, in the space “Know our cities” of the Provincial Council of Albacete. An appointment that was presided over by the president of the institution Santi Cabañero and attended by various provincial, regional and national officials and with the help of a large audience on the last day of this provincial appointment.

“Nerpio is the town in our province that is the furthest from the capital, but that doesn’t mean we stop feeling it as ours because, as its mayor always says, it’s where it should be,” began Cabañero , saying he explained that the municipality arrives at this fair stand with a presentation that shows us “the important different attraction and the great tourist offer they have”.

During the presentation, of course, Nerpio highlighted its most characteristic product: the walnut. High quality food around which they celebrate a large gastronomic fair in the city “in which the whole city is involved and where, in addition to the walnut, the hard work done by the farmers is appreciated” Cabañero noted that he explained that it was one of the best gastronomic fairs in the province. In addition, the Nerpio nut is close to obtaining a protected designation of origin. The first interregional DO, which will bear the name of a city in the province of Albacete and which “has the support of the provincial council, because it is important for us to be known throughout the world for our magnificent products”, emphasized the president.

The President of the Provincial Council of Albacete, Santiago Cabañero / Provincial Council of Albacete

Cabañero praised the noble, friendly and strong character of the people of Nerpio, a character forged in the Sierra del Segura, a mountain range that the president of the provincial council invited to discover and enjoy the spectacular orography that composes it ; that provided by the rivers that bathe it (one of them also gives the surname of the castle, el Tabilla) “a very busy mountain range that makes it a city of resources where tourism arrives from many routes, one of them from the sky so with the city having one of the star views and a starlight certificate that we worked in the Diputación to provide to our cities’.

Nerpio has a “great troglodyte heritage” thanks to its cave shelters (UNESCO World Heritage List), as it houses 70% of the shelters in the entire region. A tourism resource of prime importance, which was one of the city’s big bets in this presentation, which also announced the upcoming opening of a new Rock Art Interpretation Center.

A pioneering initiative in Spain and inspired by the French archaeological parks, which combines cutting-edge technology with external exhibition elements and which will allow the visitor to enjoy an augmented reality experience.

“Open air museum” in the province of Albacete

In this regard, its mayor explained that Nerpio is “an open-air museum, a tourist destination that makes its way before the eyes of visitors without nuances and without a filter. History and nature in its purest form”.

“It is a city with a present, with a past and with a great future”, continued the first mayor, who is grateful to the Provincial Council of Albacete for the help that the institution provides to the cities and for the efforts made in times when difficult like the pandemic, “when they didn’t leave us alone and started something that was essential, like buying material together.”

Nerpio arrives at the Albacete fair as an
Nerpio arrives at the Albacete fair as an “open air museum” and tourist destination where history and nature go hand in hand / Council of the Province of Albacete

Also characteristic of Nerpio is its meeting of the crews, a festival of regional tourist interest, and which those present at the Diputación’s stand this morning had the opportunity to enjoy thanks to a demonstration that came from the hand of Uncle Roman’s squad. But not only did this band set the musical note today, but the city also came to the stand, accompanied by its municipal band.

With the visit of Nerpio to the stand of the Provincial Council of Albacete, the cycle “Know our cities” has ended, an initiative that aims to promote and appreciate the cities of the province and for which this fair of the nine municipalities passed by gathering: Higueruela, Barrax, Ontur, Montealegre del Castillo, Casas de Juan Núñez, Bienservida, Jorquera and Balazote and Nerpio itself, showing the public its own resources and exposing the best of its natural, historical, gastronomic…

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