More than 11,000 applicants for 700 vacant police and prison guard positions

Saturday, September 17, 2022 | 5:15 in the morning

The registration for the academic year 2023 of the University of the Security Forces of the Province of Misiones (UFSPM) was closed yesterday regarding the preparation for the Police and Penitentiary Service of the province. Although last year’s record of 12,000 applicants was not surpassed this time, over 11,000 applicants applied for the two services in just one week. All registrants are aiming to be selected for the 700 vacancies that are available next year, a number that could be increased due to high demand.

Regarding the registration process, Carla Rodas, commissioner and career director of the police headquarters, spoke to El Territorio, who explained that “registration started on Monday and we received about 8,200 registrations just for the Misiones police headquarters” and clarified that “there are no dividing the quotas for women and men”. While criminal service entries reached 3,067 people.

To these the commissioner added that: “The last revenue was 500 men for the police and 300 for the penitentiary service. We are looking for candidates who are interested in serving the community and being professionals in this field because we are training graduates and graduates in security”.

Regarding the requirements, he commented that applicants for both positions must be Argentine – native or elective -, single and without children, they must be between the ages of 17 and 23, they are also asked to present a full average education or the certificate of completion of education, in addition to failure to register with provincial and national court records.

“The selection process has four stages, the first is theoretical or academic, the exam of which is online. After registering, candidates can access the study material and appear for the exam online. They are asked to take exams with content on the history of Misiones and Argentina, oral and written expression, introduction to legal sciences, and this year an introduction to university life was added,” the commissioner noted.

As Rodas commented, the second stage is developing the psychotechnical exam, which is the first face-to-face meeting that applicants have at each of the locations, in which the sought-after profile for the security forces is assessed.

“For the third time, a medical examination is conducted, in which the physical ability of each person is prevented and recognized, in order to know whether he is able to face the final examination that evaluates the physical part. The last stage is based on a series of requirements regarding the exercises that are uploaded to the platform so that the future students can prepare them and be ready at the time of rendering”, he specified.

Those who do not continue in the selection process will have access to two diplomas and technical degrees, as announced yesterday. It is an alternative to higher education for young people interested in entering the periphery.

Compared to previous cycles, there was a high number of applicants this time as well. In 2019, there were 9,000 registered, in 2020 they reached 11,000, and in 2021 they exceeded 12,000. In this way, the security forces serve as a job opportunity for young missionaries who have access to work; therefore, the search reaches thousands of interested people throughout the province every year. Tuition is free, and during the course students receive a stipend equal to half an agent’s salary to cover daily and monthly expenses.

Once admission is closed, students have four years to complete a Bachelor of Security degree. While those who want to complete Security have to study for one year and six months. “They all enter the first year together, after completing it, those who want to complete the “Security” specialty, appear for an interview and a psychological exam and in six months receive the title of “Security” agent of the police. Those who do not choose this modality follow the training path to become an Assistant Officer.

University and first group

The UFSPM emerged three years ago, thanks to a rule approved by the House of Representatives, which decided to create a Center for the Police and Penitentiary Education System, organized as an institution that provides university education, in accordance with the provisions of the National Higher Education Act and provincial decrees.

At the end of this year, the first group of officers from the Misiones Police and Penitentiary Service will graduate with a degree approved by Gastón Dachary University. “What was required three years ago was to raise the level of training of both police officers and prison officers. Before that, they had a higher education, which they graduated with the title of senior technician in security and security of penitentiary treatment,” explained Ariel Marinoni, Misiones Undersecretary for Security and Justice and Dean of UFSPM.

Post Enrollment Selection Process

Online theory exam
First, students are asked to provide content on the history of Misiones and Argentina, oral and written expression, introduction to legal sciences and university life.

psychophysical research
This is the first eye rate where it is checked whether the person matches the profiles sought by the security forces.

health exam
A physical fitness test is conducted to see if people are fit to take the exercise test.

Physical examination
It is a last resort and consists of physical exercises. For their preparation, students have access to content. virtual.

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