Mobility: Enjoy love and friendship while cycling in Bogotá

One of the best plans you can make in Bogotá is ride a bike; alternatives abound to be enjoyed at parks, events, bike lanes, and more. As one of the most representative dates of this month is the celebration of Love and friendshipin Portal Bogotá we tell you about the possibilities to enjoy with your loved ones riding on two wheels.

If you don’t have a plan for this weekend yet, plan with your partner or a group of friends to celebrate the city tour, remember you have 593 kilometers of permanent bike lanes and 7 kilometers of temporary bike paths, so you can enjoy a nice ride around the different towns or connect to your destination to celebrate.

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Bogotá is a benchmark for the world in terms of bicycles due to the number of trips made daily, which is 880,000; for the provision of bike lanes and bike parks; for sport cycling, the bike path and the culture around the bike,” he mentioned to Portal Bogotá Andrea Maria Navarrete, Bicycle Manager of the Regional Secretary of Mobility.

In the following audio, Baika’s manager invites citizens to tour the city with this means of transport:

Note that by going to you can find the map of Bogotá’s cycling route so you can plan your trip during Amor y Amistad.

Destinations of love and friendship that you can reach using the bike lane network:

How about a bike date at Parque de Los Novios?

  • Parque de Los Novios is located in the city of Barrios Unidos, on the north side of Calle 63 Avenue (Calle 63 #45-10). It is undoubtedly a meeting place for lovers who want to enjoy cycling. You can get there on the bike lane on Calle 63 Avenue.

Jazz in the park, unforgettable in love and friendship

  • The Jazz Festival in the Park, one of the metropolitan events expected by the public, will take place on September 17 and 18 at Parque El Country, located on Calle 127C with Carrera 11D. It can be a perfect romantic date to celebrate Love and Friendship. To get to the event by bike, You can get there via the Carrera 19 Avenue bike lane corridor..

Celebrate this date with BibloRed

  • During the month of September, BibloRed has various activities to celebrate Love and Friendship. For example, this Saturday, September 17, from 3:00 p.m., there will be an activity called El Tintal Manuel Zapata Olivella Public Library myths about romantic love. You can get there by bike Avenida Ciudad de Cali bike lane. Check the Cultural Program for further information on these and other activities in the city.

Remember that depending on your origin and destination, you can also build your cycle route for love and friendship by entering Bogotá Maps.

Recommendations for cycling in Amor y Amistad or on any other occasion

In the following audio, Andrea Maria Navarrete, bicycle manager of the Regional Secretariat for Mobility, provides the following recommendations for cycling in the city:

In addition to the above, remember to obey traffic rules and signals; Likewise, use safety items such as a helmet.

It also celebrates the month of love and friendship with Bike Week and the Bike Sharing System

The bike week It will be from September 23 to October 2 and will include more than 60 free activities for all citizens, some in person and some virtual.

Hereprogramming is available for bike enthusiasts to fit the agenda and activities they enjoy most.

In addition, the city will receive a long-awaited gift, as highlighted Andrea Maria Navarrete, Bicycle Manager of the Ministry of Mobility: “The city will also get a shared bike system with a diverse fleet to promote sustainable, inclusive mobility with a gender-based approach.”

Have fun on the bike lane during Amor y Amistad

Enjoy this Sunday, September 18, the traditional bike lane in Bogotá. There is a 127.69 kilometer journey from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

During the day you can find activities such as Play Points, Recreovía, Bicycle School among other activities to have fun with your family, partner and friends.

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