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How and where to pop the big question?” This is one of the big worries of lovers who already feel ready Take the next step in your relationship.

A marriage proposal This is a very special moment that is full of emotion and this can become a memory to treasure for a lifetime.

Many choose special dates like day of love and friendship to propose to your partner, making this celebration a good opportunity to jump into the ring.

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To get the long-awaited yes we give Five ideas on how to propose on the day of love and friendship.

1. At a concert

The return from above concerts made them one of the favorite options for those who want to marry and share their passion for music.

Apart from being a moment of fun, the artists or their songs have a special meaning for the couple, making it an even more special moment.

Even a proposal in a seething crowd can grab the attention of whoever is on stage, as happened recently at a concert by Harry Styles, who gave his microphone to a young man who popped the big question to his girlfriend and got the British artist’s approval.

2. Role reversal

Doña Margarita asked her husband to marry her as a symbol of the renewal of their vows.


Courtesy of Paseo Villa del Río

Classics never go out of style and reinventing them with a little twist can turn them into huge surprises.

Doña Margarita has been married to Luis Hernando for 50 years and decided to ask her husband again with a serenade dinner for renew their vows.

This story, which is part of the celebration of the day of love and friendship in the shopping center Paseo Villa del Río in Bogotá, is an example that women were encouraged to take this step and were the ones who wanted marriage.

3. With a movie

Ideas to propose on the day of love and friendship

Creating a cinematic montage to offer is a new and personalized idea.

As part of this same campaign in the capital’s mall called “Flechados”, Mayra Diana turned her love story into one worthy of a cinema screening.

This woman from Bogotá, who has been dating Marlon for 4 years, recently found out that he has a serious illness, but does not want to give up the time they have left with him.

Therefore, when he learned about the campaign for the Paseo Villa del Río shopping center, he did not hesitate for a moment and sent his story.

The proposal will be made through a video that will be projected at the end of one of the cinema halls.

This idea requires a lot of planning and involvement with the movie theater, but it is without a doubt worthy of all the awards.

4. With a pet included

The cats and dogs They are part of homes and as such have become companions and even heroes of the most important moments of a person’s life. A marriage proposal cannot be an exception.

On the portal, it is highlighted as one of the 10 original ways to propose marriage. In the case they describe, a dog was responsible for interrupting the apparently daily dinner by wearing the ring. However, things do not go as planned, and although the pet arrived, the ring did not.

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On Pinterest, a popular animal-related idea is to pop the question on a puppy tag, which also represents the beginning of a life project together.

5. On the beach

Daniela Ospina, marriage proposal

In recent days, Daniela Ospina shared her marriage proposal with a postcard showing the romantic location where it happened.

Sea, sand, sunset and dinner. There’s no way you can go wrong with this romantic formula.

Not the newest idea propose marriage on the beach It can be as specific as you want. Paying attention to every detail to make it as personalized as possible may be the secret.


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