“I will serve you with loyalty, love and respect”

Charles III of England has promised this Friday, in his first public speech as kingto renew his mother’s engagement, Isabel IIwith the crown and has assured that he will serve the British people “with loyalty, love and respect”.

Dressed in a suit and black tie and accompanied by a picture of his motherwho died on Thursday at the age of 96, Carlos delivered a short, pre-recorded speech in the Blue Room at Buckingham Palace in which he expressed his “deep sorrow” at the death of the sovereign, whom he described as “an inspiration and example” to him and his family.

“Queen Elizabeth had a life well lived, a promise fulfilled with destinya. She is now mourned at the time of her death. Today I renew that promise to all of a lifetime of service,” he said.

Carlos did not hesitate to express his will defend the “constitutional principles of our nation”to whom he has bound himself “for the rest of the time which God hath given me,” just as his mother “with unbreakable will.”

“Wherever you live, in the UK or in kingdoms and territories around the world, and whatever your background or beliefs, I will endeavor to to serve you with loyalty, love and respectas I have done all my life,” added the sovereign.

Carlos III made this speech before a country whose society had changed during his mother’s 70-year reign. With culture and faith, institutions, political climate and parliamentary democracy also changed.

Thus he recalled that when his mother came to the throne, Britain and the world were dealing with the aftermath and deprivation of the post-war period “and still lived according to the conventions of earlier times.”

And he ensures that despite the changes the world has experienced in these seven decades, “our values ​​remained and must remain constant‘, including the sovereign’s ‘relationship and special responsibility to the Church of England’, with which he maintains a ‘deep-seated’ faith.

King Charles III arrives in London after the death of Elizabeth II

“Mom, thank you for your love”

The King of England, visibly moved, concluded the message by assuring that his “dear mom” is now embarking on his “last big journey” to meet “my dear papa”.

“Thank you. Thank you for your love and devotion to our family and to the family of nations you have served so diligently over the years. May flights of angels sing you to your rest“.

The death of Elizabeth II, an emotional shock for the British

William and Catherine, Princes of Wales

The new king also assured that his life will change as he assumes his new responsibilities for what is already will not be able to “devote as much time and energy to charity and the questions that excite and worry me so much’, although he indicated that this work ‘will continue in the hands of others’.

At this point in his speech, he offered words of praise for his family members, beginning with his own “dear wife” Camilla, now Queen Consort, to whom he wanted to acknowledge “her loyal public service since our marriage 17 years ago”. Carlos expressed his confidence that at this stage he will “contribute to the demands of his new role unwavering devotion to the duty on which I have relied so much“.

Carlos III pays tribute to his mother in his first speech as monarch

He also announced “with pride” that his son and successor, Williamand his wife Catherine, will be the new Princes of Wales, a title Carlos assumed in 1958 and held until Elizabeth II’s death. It also officially confirmed transfer to his heir of the dukedom of Cornwall.

In the same way he showed his “love” to his youngest son Enrique and his daughter-in-law Megan “as they continue to build their lives abroad”, a meaningful gesture to the couple, with whom the royal family has a strained relationship.

Charles III, 73 years, became king on Thursday following the death of his mother, Elizabeth II, who ruled the British crown for seven decades. After spending the night at Balmoral Castle (Scotland), where the Queen died, Charles flew to London this Friday to deliver his first speech as sovereign, and he will be officially crowned king this Saturday.

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