Highlands is the option for contact with nature, coffee and history

Panama. If you still haven’t decided which destination to visit to enjoy the contact with nature and its fauna, go on a themed trail, learn about the archaeological wealth of Panama, breathe fresh air, try fine cuisine and try the best coffee at the world, Highlands, in Volcán, Chiriquí is an excellent option.

Panamanian journalists lived the experience in this priority destination of the General Plan for Sustainable Tourism (PMTS), which is currently being implemented by the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP) to make the stay of tourists more pleasant and safe.

The Nueva Suiza Hermanos Lara farm in Cerro Punta, which is part of the 33 farms of the Coffee Circuit, was the first point of encounter with nature and what the land produces.

The 40-hectare land, surrounded by outstanding natural beauty, is located at an altitude between 1700 and 1850 meters above sea level, which facilitates the planting and harvesting of 100% organic coffee and vegetables of exceptional quality.

During the walk, tourists, in addition to enjoying the view and breathing fresh air, have the opportunity to feel the grain in the coffee production area and agricultural products such as: onions, celery, carrots, potatoes, corn, cabbage, corn cobs and etc. others.

Creole grain production is processed without chemicals in an artisanal way and then packaged for distribution, according to Félix Abdiel Lara, who along with his sister inherited these lands 30 years ago and won national awards in the medium product category.

A tour of this area is recommended during the harvest season from September to February and to try a cup of Don Lara coffee, 100% pure ground from the ground to your hands.

The Lara brothers successfully ventured into the production of wine based on blackberry fruit, sugar and water. “The drink is healthy and its main ingredient is produced on the farm,” assured Lara.

Finca Dracula, keeps the largest collection of orchids

The general ATP-certified guide, Alexander Ortega, moved the adventure with the journalists to Finca Drácula, covered in virgin nature, accessible by car and bus through the Guadalupe area, Cerro Punta, near the Hotel los Quetzals.

When you enter this place, its natural beauty surrounds you: a variety of flowers, plants, huge trees, small insects and an artificial lake that transports you to a magical world.

Andres Maduro, owner of Finca Drácula, commented that the place houses the largest and most exotic collection of orchids in the world

“There are gardens where native species from La Amistad National Park interact, and there are more than 2,000 species of orchids, including 112 of the 120 that exist in the world from the genus Dracula, which are dark, hairy flowers that hanging like vampires,” he explained.

As it is located in a hidden valley where it gets dark at 5:00 pm, the farm is open daily from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm for people to appreciate what exists there. the family and for reservations you can log on to the website: fincadracula.com,

An open window to the past

The Barriles Archaeological Site, just 6 km from Volcán, is an agritourism farm that connects to the past, where there are archaeological objects that describe the history of the aborigines who lived in this place 300 years before Christ.

José Luis Landao, owner of the farm, explained that the first archaeological discovery was made when a group of people discovered cylindrical barrel-shaped rocks with high relief in the roots of a collapsed tree, which were brought to Panama City and in 1947 by villagers during their daily work have discovered 18 monolithic statues with different characters of the tribe that lived in this place 300 years before Christ, according to anthropological studies.

Landao explained that the findings show that the barrel culture existed, whose inhabitants disappeared with the first eruption of the Baru volcano in 600 BC. “From fragments to wholes, we have found 150 objects (metathes, vases, pots, petroglyphs) certified by the Ministry of Culture,” he emphasized.

He emphasized that pieces are still being discovered. A year ago, in a two-meter trench, they observed a burial urn.

A path through the farm leads you to the excavation area where the archaeological pieces were unearthed and a museum that houses a collection of carved rocks used by the primitives. One in particular, when wet, shows pre-Columbian designs, a mode of communication at the time.

In the last 100 years, archaeological objects have been discovered that try to reveal the mystery of the ancient civilizations that inhabited the slopes of the Baru volcano. Admission to this location is $3 and $5 for citizens and foreigners.

Finca Cerina grows the best coffee in the world

The site is strategically located between areas preserved by private efforts to protect the flora and fauna of the region and is part of the coffee circuit and biological corridor that includes the famous Lagunas de Volcán. The best coffee in the world is planted and grown on its fertile lands: Geisha, which has won international tastings and is sold at the best price per pound.

Its owner, Luigi González De La Lastra, explained to the journalists who participated in the tours, the advantages of projects in the region to promote tourist attractions.

“This is a macro project that includes a visitor center that will have an amphitheater, areas for children and youth, which will have a very big impact in the region. assured. The farm is designed to offer visitors convenient trails for outdoor activities, among others. The tour of the Highlands with the journalists invited by ATP also includes a visit to the Haras Cerro Punta stables and the Cero Punta Highlands cafe, where the communicators tasted delicious products typical of the Highlands.

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