Hidden cameos of Disney characters in other films

Hidden cameos of Disney characters in other movies are one of the most popular topics on the internet (Images: Disney)

Disney has become one of the companies that generated the most content in the entertainment industry, which is why many of his favorite cartoons are often present in the popular group of children and adults who grew up with his films. However, many of them have made small ones cameos in other strips that are very famous or go through complete anonymity, leaving this topic as one of the most wanted mouse company trivia.

The computer animation film studio subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios, Pixar Animation Studio, has managed to create in more than one generation funny characters with children’s stories that even the roughest in the house manage to love. Hence the fanaticism that exists for the company of Mickey Mouse It’s so big that an endless search for all the references made to them in their cinematic universe is usually one of the most viral on the internet. Here we present those cameos that you may have already noticed or are about to discover.

In Finding Nemo, Toy Story Buzz Lightyear appears among the toys at Sherman’s Dentist’s Office (Image: Disney)

The film, which won the Oscar for “Best Animated Feature” and also received three other nominations, captivated in 2003 as one of the first new big bets, whose central axis was a modern theme: the unconditional care of a father for his son, breaking the stereotype of men disobeying their fatherhood.

In the colorful strip with sea animals, you can see a cameo of one of the most beloved characters of children: hum a light year. The most famous astronaut Disney appears among the toys in the dentist’s office Sherman.

In Up: An Adventure in Heights, Toy Story 3 villain Lotso makes a special appearance in the first 20 minutes of the tape (Photo: Disney)

The nostalgic 2009 film, which has established itself as an animated romantic classic, continues the tradition of featuring characters from toy Storybecause this saga is one of those that have had the most episodic roles in the cinematic universe of The Walt Disney Company.

When carl makes her house fly with millions of balloons of all colors filled with helium, a little girl’s bedroom is left in darkness because the shadow blocks the sunlight, but among her toys is the villain from the third part of the story of Woody: a lot.

In “WALL•E”, the dinosaur “Rex” from the entire “Toy Game” saga came out as a forgotten doll after the end of the world due to pollution (Photo: Disney)

Following the same line, the film that made millions aware of environmental pollution and the importance of taking care of nature before it’s too late also has a member of the living toys: The dinosaur Rexit comes out hidden inside the store objects of Wall-E.

The terrible toy abuser of children
Horrible toy abuser Sid is back for Toy Story 3 in his classic black shirt with a white skull as an example (Image: Disney)

Although there is a fourth part, the story of Woody, hum a light year, Jesseon Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Hmm, Slinky, Barbiethe popular ones little green men Y Target shootingfor his fans, it really ended with the third part, because for them and for film critics, continuing a story with characters like a plastic spoon was unnecessary.

That is why for many this closure in which Andy finally says “Goodbye” contains many special references, among which you can see winks to the past or answers in the future, such as the popular question: what happened with Sid?the villain and destroyer of children’s toys since its first installment, screened in 1995 -yes, 27 years ago-.

The answer is short but concise and probably has a message about what can happen to people who do bad things and make wrong decisions in their lives. Sid appears in Toy Story 3 as part of the garbage collection staff in the neighborhood of Andy. Although he is also an adult, you can see his signature black shirt with a white skull in the middle that he uses in his first appearance in the saga.

Goofy, Donal and Mickey Mouse were the three great godfathers of The Little Mermaid (Image: Disney)

In English Little Mermaidthe history of Ariel and on Prince Eric has become a favorite of the classic princess stories, as the songs that form part of its soundtrack are among the most popular in the genre, as well as some factors in the plot and characters – such as the presence of a sequel where a princess becomes a mother – which made it one of the most successful and famous films in the history of Disney.

Probably this triumph is due to the fact that there are three great godfathers: wacky, donate Y Mickey Mouse. The three main drawings of the first franchise under the largest production company for children have a small cameo in the 1989 film, which is one of the lesser known but interesting secrets in this issue.

In The Little Mermaid, Cinderella’s father-in-law was one of the guests at Ariel’s wedding to Prince Eric (Photo: Disney)

Beloved characters, although not creatures that can “live without breathing oxygen”, are part of the audience attending the great debut of Ariel in the musical he is preparing with his sisters. As we will recall, she never arrived and therefore her father, King Triton, furious, abruptly ending the presentation. For a thousandth of a second, you can see how the three little ones are enjoying the event.

What interesting fact the father-in-law of another great princess also makes his big cameo. This is for father of Prince Charmingin Cinderella. The king with his faithful companion, the grand duke, I’m attending the wedding of the redhead as part of what could be considered “the first attempts at a multiverse”.

Sebastian from The Little Mermaid appeared in Aladdin in a very comical way (Image: Disney)

The most famous genius in the world is the protagonist of one of the most memorable and localized moments of cartoon lovers. The singing crab and great accomplice of Ariel, Sebastianappears in the 1992 film as responsible for the blue protagonist’s anxiety by pinching him severely with his pincers.

Many consider the film with constant black and white references to be one of the pioneers of the pet genre to its animated version, but few others think that when it comes to dogs in movies The Lady and the Tramp are of greater importance.

Queen and Gulph from Lady and the Tramp appeared in 101 Dalmatians (Image: Disney)

good Disney he did not hesitate to end the debate and put both together in one strip; in 1961 101 Dalmatians managed to queen Y gulf, the popular noodle-sharing romance experts were present for a few seconds. As mentioned above, the fact that the film featured both colors heavily throughout the project meant that many didn’t spot their cameo, yet the fangs made a triumphant appearance.

“Tarzan” Tarzan having a cup of coffee with “Mrs. Potts” and little “Beauty and the Beast” Chip (Photo: Disney)

These two films contain some of the appearances of other characters from Disney the most memorable, remarkable and viral in its history. In the movie about the man who was raised by monkeys, there is an important scene in which Turk does not hesitate to drink a delicious “cup of coffee” with nothing more and nothing less than Mrs. Potts and the little one Chiponly in this version there is no life like in Beauty and the Beast.

“Nemo” was a toy of “Boo” in “Monsters, Inc.” (Photo: Disney)

For the most nostalgic kids-now-adults movie of the 90s and 2000s, Monsters Inc.when boo! presents the room and his favorite toys James P. Sullivanthe lost ones Mute appears, yes two years before he had his own filmbeing the only pre-cameo since the story of Mike Wazowski it premiered in 2001.


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