Colombians find a partner in apps

For almost half of Colombians (43%), dating apps are the tool that allows them to stay up-to-date on love matters and which, at birth, help them meet people for different purposes: making new friends, looking for a long-term relationship , or just find a random link. HoweverDespite their popularity, 8 out of 10 Colombians (84%) are afraid of being scammed or coming across fake profiles on these platforms.

Dating apps are here to stay and in celebrations like Love and Friendship where no one wants to be alone, more and more people are resorting to this type of practice to find a partner.

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According to Kaspersky’s survey, apps have become so popular that 43% of Colombians say they are They have made it easier for them to meet people with different goals: there are those who are looking here for true love (long-term relationships) (29%) or just a casual relationship (26%). And of course, those who are only looking for a sexual partner (26%).

In fact, the survey revealed that many found what they were looking for, from true love to more temporary or even one-off relationships. Colombians managed to find on dating apps: a long-term partner (22%), a casual relationship (58%) and a sexual partner (56%)

Interestingly, despite its popularity and supposed success, the survey revealed that 1 in 5 Colombians (20%) would be embarrassed to admit that they met their partner this way.

Meet people and don’t take risks in your experience

In terms of cybersecurity, not everything that happens in these apps is “champagne and roses” because as millions of people adopt these tools, they also attract the interest of cybercriminals and therefore potential security risks. However, By following certain guidelines for safe use and information protection, you can fully enjoy the benefits of these technologies.

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“The popularity of dating apps and the ease they provide in finding partners has overshadowed the cybersecurity and privacy risks that exist around these platforms. Not only because of the personal information that is shared, but also because by creating fake profiles, some criminals have been known to hook users to trick them or get them to go on a date where crimes that go beyond the digital realm are engaged,” said Fabio Assolini, director of the Latin America research and analysis team at Kaspersky.

In order for users to enjoy dating apps safely and privately, even more so in this month of love and friendship, Kaspersky recommends:

  • Be careful when sharing photos: Before sharing photos, choose photos that do not reveal unnecessary information such as your address, company you work for, etc. and I don’t show you in compromising situations. Remember that once you share them, they will live in virtual space forever.
  • Take care of your identity: Do not reveal your full name. Although a nickname can cause mistrust, putting your first and last name can cause privacy issues and make you a victim of identity theft.
  • Don’t connect your networks to these apps: Do not use your social media credentials to access your dating app profile as this will reveal too much information that can be used for evil. This applies even if you have privacy restrictions on your other networks.
  • Protect your phone number: Try not to share your phone number. Instead, use the messaging tools built into dating apps, at least until you’re sure you can trust the other person.
  • Listen to your gut: Being suspicious online can help protect you. Don’t rush to tell your whole life story or share your most personal information. If something makes you feel uncomfortable, leave the conversation. Remember that this information about you can be used for harassment (doxxing).
  • Be careful with the links: Be careful with the links shared with you, as they may take you to fake sites or automatically download malware to your device.

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