Celebs who failed to celebrate love and friendship

This Saturday, September 17, Colombia celebrates the Day of Love and Friendship and with it are present the events, dynamics, invitations and other romantic and emotional displays from Colombians for that loved one.

However, there are also a bunch of celebrities who, despite making internet users fall in love with their relationships, failed to make it to this holiday as they decided to call it quits in 2022 mostly for reasons unknown to public opinion.

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Couples who did not celebrate this Day of Love and Friendship

Shakira and Gerard Pique

The marriage of the Colombian singer Shakira and the football player Gerard Pique He was cataloged for many years as one of the most solid in the world of entertainment. However, on June 4, he confirmed that after 12 years of union, his marriage would end, and in doing so he only asked for respect for his own well-being and that of his children.

“We regret to confirm that we are separating. For the well-being of our children, who are our highest priority, we ask that privacy be respected. Thank you for the understanding”were the short words with which the translator of “I congratulate you” clarified his current emotional situation with the athlete.

Carmen Villalobos and Sebastian Caicedo

Another of the most surprising cases in the native show is the separation of the beautiful actress Carmen Villalobos, who have publicly revealed that after thirteen years of dating fellow actor Sebastian Caicedo, they have decided to separate. Likewise, he wanted to preserve the reasons that led to this rift and demanded respect for both and their respective processes.

After much thought, we realized it was time to go our separate ways. I guess for many this will come as a surprise, for others not so much… Due to fond memories of this relationship, these will be the only statements I will make. Thank you to each and every one of you”, the actress pointed out in the video, which immediately gathered hundreds of views and comments of a lot of love, solidarity and support for her at this stage.

Carmen Villalobos

Carolina Cruz and Lincoln Palomek

Last month, Amio also found out about the separation of the presenter and the actor Caroline Cruz Y Lincoln Palomekeevidently by common consent, for the feelings of both were transformed, and therefore, for their own welfare and that of their children, they wished to put an end to it.

This long-standing love has transformed into respect, support and teamwork. We have been working in our family for many months to heal ourselves well. We made the healthy and powerful decision to end our relationship as a couple in order to continue building each other as parents, friends, and companions on life’s journey.

Caroline Cruz

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Jefferson Cosio and Jen Muriel

After 10 years of relationship, the content creators decided to end their story not because of a lack of love, but because they both have future projects that have apparently gone to different destinations.

“I’ll confirm it because I saw on the news that she came out to confirm it days ago, I haven’t had a girlfriend for about a month, we’re not bad, we don’t see each other or, but we talk, we have kids, dogs, that’s the only thing that to know”the influencer says in the video.

Jen Muriel

Diana Celis and Epa Columbia

The beginning of the year surprised with another rift between two very famous women in the native show business, as they are Wow Colombiato and Diana Celiswho did not initially reveal the reasons that led to the breakup, but who revealed over the months that the loss of love, fights, the arrival of a third party and even abuse were the reasons for the end. they were almost seven years old.

I told him love, let’s make things right, give me everything you got on my behalf and if not, we won’t make things right.

Danaidi then spoke about her partner’s biggest foul, which allegedly hit her:you know love what mari$# did to me she’ll just put on background states and say “I’m bad God I love you” but no God doesn’t allow a man to be hit or humiliated or The tart was wrong, never love and I didn’t want that… Epa said to Coral.

Wow Colombia

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