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Venus is in Virgo. The planet of love receives all the energy of the most ordered and aesthetic sign, so this month the call of the sex horoscope is to embrace your inner goddess and check what you want in life and in love.

Donna Page, a professional astrologer with a degree in counseling psychology, revealed to Women’s Health that now is the time to lay out your desires and goals in your relationship and maintain those boundaries and expectations when necessary.

These are the surprises in love that await each of the zodiac signs in September

With Venus in Virgo, you yearn for that early dating stage. Photo: Saint Zee

Sex horoscope September for all zodiac signs


Bound: Make sure you have the conversation you’ve been putting off with your partner and tell them your innermost thoughts. With Venus in Virgo in your house of intimacy, feeling vulnerable should come easier.

single: If you avoid talking about your feelings or defining your relationships, in September you will feel the need to put yourself out there. Make the first move because now is the best time to meet someone.


Bound: The New Moon in Libra will make you feel very thoughtful about whether you and your partner are on the same page financially. September will be a time to talk about what’s bothering you or what you disagree with.

single: With Venus in Virgo, you yearn for that early dating stage. So dust yourself off and get out. You are full of good energy and ideas and the world needs to know it all.


Bound: If you are unhappy, now is a good time to explore the energy exchange between the couple. If you think things aren’t right, this is the perfect time to report it.

single: The places you visit have a huge impact on your love life, so keep your eyes open the next time you go out. You may find your soul mate just around the corner.

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All relationships have ups and downs, but this month it’s your turn to take the wheel. Photo: wasun thungchan


Bound: It’s time to have fun. You will feel extra admiration for your partner and all that he has to offer. So this season will be great for celebrating and going out with groups of friends.

single: There couldn’t be a better time to meet the person you’re looking for. However, remember to prioritize self-care as you populate your social landscape.


Bound: You’re in the mood for partying and traveling this month. So be sure to plan adventures as a couple on a private beach. You will feel more connected to your partner.

single: All relationships have ups and downs, but this month it’s your turn to take the wheel. You long for an intimate relationship and spending quality time with someone who shares your values.


Bound: The Aquarius Full Moon will highlight your relationships and your sense of security, so take some time to think about your current partner. Do they fulfill the role you need from each other?

single: You have a way of carving out your own little piece of the universe. As you go about your routine this month, you might just find the love of your life somewhere.

People are drawn to your strong energy. Photo: Mystockimages


Bound: Don’t let your body language speak for itself. Now is the time to take your pillow talk to the next level and really get vulnerable with each other.

single: Communication is important right now, make sure the energy is going both ways before you waste time with someone who does nothing but nod and smile.


Bound: Now is a good time for you and your partner to dream about a future together. Agree on goals together and start taking steps and actions. The world is waiting for you.

single: People are drawn to your strong energy. Take a moment to write down all the aspirations you see for yourself in your love life and pay attention to who is reaching out to you.

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Bound: Have you been taking good care of yourself? If not, it’s time to book a yoga class or meditation cushion and get the job done. Self-care is necessary, especially when you’re in a relationship.

single: Jupiter tends to attract opportunities and like-minded people. Now, these people may be for business or for fun, but keep your eyes open for potential affairs.

The only thing standing in your way is you. Photo: nd3000


Bound: The planets are literally aligned to have a romantic month, so take advantage of it. This will be a great renewal of your relationship.

single: If you’re not in a relationship, that can change. The only thing standing in your way is you. Being a water sign, you love fantasy, but sometimes you have to live in the real world.


Bound: Surprise your partner with an epic date. Maybe look at your bank account and buy bed linen. It’s time to spice up your relationship.

single: Jupiter is still in your house of romance and its motto is “more is more”, so be sure to have fun and be open to all possibilities this month.


Bound: You are in workhorse mode this month and it will be worth it. But make sure you don’t neglect your partner. Make time for romance this month.

single: Chances are, someone you meet while traveling for work or collaborating on a project with a new team will catch your eye. Don’t be afraid to take the first step.


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