Tips for improving security on dating apps

The celebration of the day of “love and friendship” and despite the fact that hundreds of couples are preparing to experience a special momentwhich will be filled with romance and passion, there are also quite a few people who have no one to share this meeting with.

For this reason, those who find themselves without a partner usually are turning to digital platforms to find their ‘better half’ or at least someone to have a good time on a special date.

However, using dating apps also puts users at risk of being scammed and even scammed by cybercriminals who use all kinds of techniques to gain the trust of their victims and then extort money from them.

In the context of this situation, it is key to take a few precautions against the dangers that exist in the digital dating platform environment for this very reason. A WEEK offers consultation with experts from ESET, a brand specialized in cyber security, who offer a series of recommendations for safe use of online dating services.

Tips on how to stop getting scammed on dating apps


This is undoubtedly one of the most popular dating services in the world and therefore one of the most used platforms by scammers, so it is important to implement the following recommendations:

  • profile verification: Users receive a blue tick after submitting a selfie video to the platform, after which the service’s artificial intelligence compares that video with profile photos and identity verification is generated. This resource helps to confirm the identity of the person you are in contact with.
  • Add email and phone number to register: this helps make it harder for fraudsters to create multiple fake accounts and bot profiles.
  • Block unwanted contacts: users can be less visible to certain people who can be annoying, for that they have to go to “Block contacts” option.
  • Basic Check: US users can request a criminal background check on people they’ve “matched” with, this service costs $3.25 per profile and is an option that can help you figure out who you’re with. user.


This dating service is known for helping users match with people who are close to their location, plus it has a Tinder-like sliding menu. Here are some security recommendations that can be implemented when using this service:

  • profile verification: the service will ask for a selfie photo, which will be compared with the user’s profile photo, thus confirming the identity of the account owner.
  • Block public searches: By disabling the “Public Search” option, the user prevents their profile from being displayed on search engines such as Google.
  • Limit who sends messages: it is possible to choose which verified users can send messages.
  • Calls: video calls can be a useful resource for verifying the identity of another person.


On this platform, matching is also done with a swipe, but inward this service only women can start a conversation, Despite this security filter, the following recommendations can be applied to avoid possible fraud:

  • ORuse the incognito option.: This resource makes the user’s profile visible only to the accounts with which there was a “match”.
  • Activity break: In case you want to take a break from the platform but don’t want to delete your account, you can temporarily hide your account.
  • Use the Security Center: The platform offers information and recommendations focused on protecting its users, along with techniques to detect and recover from fraud such as catfishing.


This service is aimed at facilitating meetings between people of the same sex and in some cases helps to have contact between people who are in close proximity. Those using this platform may consider using the following security recommendations:

  • Control geolocation: With the Explore feature, users can prevent people from anywhere in the world from contacting them. This is a very valuable resource as many scammers operate from countries other than where their victims reside.
  • Change visibility: this tool helps to control how exactly another person can find the user.
  • Disable the “Views” option.‘: The user can check all profiles without appearing in the list of people who have visited a particular account.

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