Sierra de Francia, an ideal destination for cycling in nature

Thanks to its privileged natural environment, the Community of Sierra de Francia, in the province of Salamanca, has many routes adapted to the practice of this sport.

If there is a sport that has grown in following – both in its practice and in its dissemination in the media and social networks – during the pandemic and the post-pandemic period, it is cycling.

Cycling enthusiasts have increased exponentially in recent years and it is increasingly common to see groups of friends on city roads, trails and also cities where the use of bicycles is more widespread to ease and shorten journeys and traffic.

Cycling is a solitary sport, but it favors social interaction and a factor that has been increasingly appreciated in recent years: contact with nature and the environment.

Most of its modalities: road or road cycling, mountain biking, cyclocross, trials or BMX share this characteristic.

The Sierra de Francia and the towns that make up its community are home to routes and trails that are ideal for practicing and enjoying the sport of cycling. Located in the Batuecas-Sierra de Francia Natural Park and in the Sierras de Béjar y Francia Biosphere Reserve, this natural space is an annual meeting place for lovers of this sport and families and friends who go on “getaways” to enjoy this wonderful environment and its pleasant climate.

In these weeks where road cycling’s Vuelta a España has been contested, and where David Valero has recently been named runner-up in the Mountain Biking or MTB world and awaits the Road Cycling World Championships in Wollongong, from the Commonwealth of Sierra de Francia we recommend the following cycling routes and paths:

Alagon River Bike Tour.

The trailhead is located in the main square of Sotoserano. It first passes through olive trees to descend to the banks of the Alagon River. It passes through the Francia River, Puente Piedra or the Servon Stream, among others.

Its layout is circular, ending where it began, in the town square. Its length is 16.5 kilometers and it is considered medium difficulty. It is fully signposted throughout the journey.

Los Cavenes Bike Path.

In this suitable environment is the Entresierras BTT Center. It consists of 6 municipalities: Cristobal, Los Santos, Fuenteroble de Salvatierra, San Esteban de la Sierra, Santibanes de la Sierra and Valdefuentes de Sangusin.

With 183 kilometers of route, the circuit offers a variety of landscapes and paths in a route that passes through the Entresierras region within the Sierras de Béjar y Francia Biosphere Reserve.

In total there are 9 perfectly marked sections that will make any mountain bike lover have fun. Perfect for doing with friends or family, there are options to suit all audiences and difficulties.

It climbs to Peña de Francia

From towns like La Alberca or Mogarraz, there are circular routes up to Peña de Francia and back to the starting point. All of them are of medium-high physical activity and good pavement and will take several hours to complete the route.

Batuecas Valley

This is one of the most complete options to do in the area: cross the Valle de las Batuecas by bike. This route requires a long day of cycling (more than 7 hours), but it will be an excellent opportunity to enjoy the nature, water, land, flora and fauna that this wonderful natural environment has to offer.

We should choose our shoes and sportswear well and prepare an adequate diet and start enjoying this valley.

Other recommended routes

The Sierra de Francia and the towns that are in this wonderful natural environment have countless paths and routes suitable for cycling. All of them are marked and with adapted information from the starting point of the route.

Almost all cities have a designated route, and mostly a circular one, to enjoy a day in contact with nature.

Some examples are: Ascent to Alto del Portillo from San Miguel de Robledo; Circular route from Miranda del Castañar and Mogaraz; Climb to Casas del Conde from Alberca; Ascent to Alto del Portillo from Cepeda; Routes between Alberca and Mogaraz.

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