Risaralda with a gastronomic and tourist route for the day of love and friendship

Pereira, September 15, 2022

Risaralda has cozy rural and urban accommodations where you can live a unique experience with your partner or with friends and celebrate the day of love and friendship next Saturday, September 17, 2022.

In these lodgings you can feel the kindness of the Risaraldenses, enjoy the best landscapes and thus enjoy a magical moment. Plans like hiking, bird watching, enjoying specialty coffee are some of the activities that national and international tourists and visitors love.

This is combined with refined gastronomy, which stands out for its variety and quality. Dishes from traditional and ancestral cuisine, from mountain sausages in the western municipalities of Risaralda, through the different types of fish in La Virginia, to the most delicious desserts influenced by Paiza, Valuna, Afro and local cultures, are part of the cuisine of Risaralda an offer.

From the government, all Risaraldenses and tourists are invited to enjoy the main attractions and tourist experiences that exist in each of the 14 municipalities of the department.

You can avail of various activities that range from visual delight with the most beautiful natural and coffee sceneries, to extreme activities like paragliding, boating, coupled with exquisite cuisine and human warmth that makes you fall in love.

Saint Rose of Cabal

In this most competitive municipality in terms of tourism in the country, there is a variety of activities. Its hot springs are famous all over the world. More and more national and international tourists come to the town of Araucarias to bathe in these waters that have properties that improve health.

Outside of the hot springs, Santa Rosa de Cabal is “clothed” in beautiful coffee plantations that captivate visitors’ eyes.

All this is combined with refined gastronomy, in which chorizo ​​Santarrosano is the most famous dish, but also highlights the delicious coffee and other dishes that even the most demanding palates fall in love with.


The capital of the department is characterized not only by being one of the most touristic cities in the country, but also has a very solemn Holy Week, where its processions and religious icons attract the attention of tourists.

Its offer of night entertainment is mixed with magical places to enjoy with the family, such as Cerro Canceles, Ukumarí Biopark, Otún Quimbaya Flora and Fauna Sanctuary, Consotá Park and many others.

The main hotel offer of the department is concentrated in Pereira, with urban accommodations that stand out for their excellent service, and rural hotels where you can relax in an incomparable way with the most impressive landscapes of the coffee region.

On a gastronomic level, Pereira has a menu for every taste in terms of restaurants that focus on local and international flavors and fusion food, which together with good service makes Pereira an excellent option for love and friendship.

Also in Pereira is the Risaralda craft shop on Carrera 7 with Calle 24, where you can get the best details to give as a gift.


In the industrial municipality of Risaralda, cycling is one of the activities that most attracts tourists from the region, the country and the world. Routes to the Serranía Alto del Nudo, to the Las Marcadas sector, among other places that offer views of the entire region.

Active nightlife with an important offer of nightclubs, bars and other entertainment venues combined with fine restaurants and specialty cafes.

Dosquebradas is also characterized by its extensive green countryside, where you can take ecological walks, enjoy ravines and waterfalls, to later see the beauty of Lagos la Pradera Park.


The green municipality of Risaralda is one of the most touristic places in the country.

The cemetery is another architectural asset to visit while in Marseille. It is six blocks from the squarea Mainly, it was declared a national monument in 1988, thanks to its mixture of Neo-Gothic and Republican styles.

Walking around the site, the impeccable design that takes advantage of the slope of the land to distribute the tombs in the form of stairs is evident, crossed by a central street that ends in a small temple with a warhead dome.


The hills that adorn this beautiful municipality make it a must-see. The most impressive of these spectacular natural elements is undoubtedly Batero, which jealously guards the beauty of this terroir.

In addition to offering nature tourism, there are many things to do in Villa del Cerros, from visiting the Irra district to practicing paragliding while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee.

Quinchía is famous for the mining of gold, so one of the cultural and artisanal activities is the filigree work of the masters of this Risaraldense town.


Surrounded by the rivers Cauca and Risaralda, El Puerto Dulce is a municipality with a variety of activities for the whole family and a place known for its refined cuisine based on fish.

Visit the Guásimo trail, a tourist and natural attraction, boat trips are a real adventure in this town.

There are other spaces like the path of the Virgin, a place from which you can see the majesty of the Cauca River and if you want to continue with a 100% natural experience, you can visit a very attractive path and with a very specific route like the Cauca breezes path.

In Risaralda, the municipality of La Virginia is recognized for this exquisite dish, which is why the town hall of Puerto Dulce, together with local restaurants, launched the Fish Route.

This initiative aims to promote gastronomic tourism in the municipality, while celebrating the traditions, customs and talent of traders from this economic sector.

rich city

In addition to its beautiful landscapes, Pueblo Rico is known for its ethnic diversity. There the indigenous population, Afro and mestizos gather, who preserve their ancestral cultures and transmit them through their crafts, gastronomy and other manifestations.

In the neighborhoods of Santa Cecilia and Villa Claret, nature stands out as places to visit. The warmth of its people, its customs and its agricultural importance are combined with its rivers.

Bird watching is another activity that Pueblo Rico offers in a suitable location for the joy of lovers of these winged creatures.

In this municipality, a branch of the Artesanías de Risaralda shop has opened in the Carder building.


Adventure tourism is the main character of this city famous for paragliding. This extreme activity allows you to appreciate the majesty of the coffee cultural landscape. Cycling tourism is also growing in this city and this awakens the desire to venture on the trails of this territory.

Its architecture is another bastion of tourism in Apía, highlighting El Clavel Park, cafes, its church and much more.

Specialty coffees make Apía one of the greenest and “tastiest” territories in Risaralda, with mountains that make you fall in love and natural parks that captivate.


In this welcoming municipality, nature stands out and attracts the eyes of visitors. Its waterfalls such as Sutú, the variety of birds that can be observed, its green mountains, adorn this territory.

Mistrató has one of the most beautiful main squares in Risaralda, where you can enjoy a fine coffee or typical dishes of the region.

In the rural areas of this city, local communities leave their mark, creating a unique landscape and culture in the country.


The botanical garden, silkworm crops and impressive coffee plantations make Guática another gem of tourism in Risaralda.

In addition to its natural attributes such as La Cristalina and the Las Peñas Integrated Management District, this city also stands out for its plastered architectural complex that provides an experience of a charming city called Frutos de mi Tierra.


In this paradise between the mountains you can taste the best coffee wine in the world and enjoy sausages. And this in an incomparable climate.

The landscapes of the Risaralda River Valley and the Tatama National Natural Park can be enjoyed in an incredible way from La Celia.

One of the natural treasures of this terroir is undoubtedly the Verdum Integrated Management District, where birds, waterfalls and water sources make you fall in love at first sight.


El Balcón, as this municipality is known, offers an incredible panoramic view of the coffee cultural landscape, the Risaralda River and other natural treasures of the department.

Hiking and photography are among the activities you can enjoy the most in the city, which is also known for its Botanical Gardens.

Bethlehem of Umbria

This municipality is rich in coffee and banana crops, attributes that, together with the traditional coffee architecture, create a symbiosis that strengthens tourism in the department.

Belén de Umbría The paths of the Regional Natural Park of Santa Emilia and enjoying birdwatching such as the Gallito de Roca and other species are some of the activities that must be done, in addition, motorcycle lovers can practice racing on the track that has the city .

Learning about coffee culture at the hotel farms in the rural sector and the botanical garden are other attractions of this charming town in the western part of Risaraldense.


One of the most beautiful market squares in the coffee region and the country, it serves to showcase the beauty of this traditional coffee growing municipality.

The lagoons of Santuario, San Rafael and the coffee plantations make Santuario one of the most beautiful towns in the region.

It also stands out for its tour of the stuccoed architectural complex that provides the experience of a charming city, also with the colorful route and the beautiful Calle Real.

to stand out

The Government, through the Secretariat for Economic Development and Competitiveness, makes available to all Risaraldenses, tourists and national and international visitors the website www.risaraldaundestinollenodevida.com

There you can find the most complete information about the tourist offer of each of the 14 municipalities of the department. The main attractions and experiences, the gastronomic offer (restaurants and cafes), the rural and urban hotels of each settlement, the routes of the senses and much more.

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