phrases written by famous Latin American writers to send via WhatsApp

This weekend, Colombia celebrates the Day of Love and Friendship, which is actually the famous Valentine’s Day that is celebrated in February.

In the country, the date has changed because the school season starts in the second month of the year and this represents a significant expenditure on supplies and uniforms; In addition, since there were no festivities in September, this date can contribute to the economy by being an opportunity for sellers and merchants who take advantage of the predisposed weekend and sell details.

Love is a universal and sometimes inexplicable feeling, each person has their own way of expressing it and one of them is through messages.

There are people who find it easy to show their feelings through writing, because when they speak, they don’t feel themselves. Taking into account data shared by the portal of The mind is wonderful writing plays a major role in releasing emotions.

“It is responsible for opening a personal mechanism to learn what a person thinks and feels,” he says.

In fact, one of the most popular psychological methods focusing on emotions and affectivity for human development is treatment using a notebook in which people can pour out their thoughts.

Teachers experts in cognitive and multimodal processes even advise to clear the mind, and to do this, ask your students to write down everything they need to do for the next day before they go to sleep.

In this sense, writing, besides being a lifelong habit, is one of the most used ways, so through phrases you can communicate to these special beings how important they are.

The British writer W. Somerset Maugham said that “simple writing is as difficult as good writing” because there are people who write paragraphs and repeat the same thing.

Thus, thanks to the power of technology, messaging apps like WhatsApp are among the most used on Saturday, September 17, to send phrases of love and friendship.

Therefore, SEMANA has collected a few phrases from three famous Latin American writers that might be perfect to leave in that special someone’s WhatsApp message box:

Palo Neruda (Chile)

  • “In one kiss you will understand everything I kept silent.”
  • “I love your feet because they walked on the earth and the wind and the water until they found me.”
  • “I won’t be nobody but you. Until my bones turn to ash and my heart stops beating.
  • “If nothing saves us from death, at least love saves us from life.”
  • “That’s when you realize it’s not the one moving the floor, it’s the one centering you.” Not the one who steals your heart, but the one who makes you feel like you got it back.
  • “At night I dream that you and I are two plants grown together, with intertwined roots, and that you know earth and rain like my mouth, for we are made of earth and rain.”
  • “Your breasts are enough for my heart.”

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

  • “Great power exists in the irresistible power of love.”
  • “There are short loves and there are long loves”… And concluded without mercy: “That was short”.
  • “That careless look was the beginning of a love cataclysm that half a century later was still not over.”
  • “To offer friendship to those who seek love is to give bread to those who are dying of thirst.”
  • “Never stop smiling, even when you’re sad, because you never know who might fall in love with your smile.”
  • “The only thing that hurts me about death is that it’s not from love.”
  • “I love you not for who you are, but for who I am when I’m with you.”

Mario Benedetti (Uruguay)

  • “That the world and I do love you, but I always a little more than the world.”
  • “I don’t know your name, I only know the look you give me.”
  • “Because you always exist where you want, but you exist better where I want you.”
  • “We all need an accomplice sometimes, someone to help us use our hearts.”
  • “I don’t know why, but I missed you today, I missed your presence.”
  • “More than kissing her, more than sleeping together, more than anything, she held my hand and that was love.”
  • “It’s good to know you exist.”
  • “Let it be clear to you. Where your mouth ends, mine begins.
  • “I love, you love, he loves, we love, you love, they love. I wish it wasn’t a conjugation, but a reality.”
  • “You have every condition to contribute to my happiness, but I have very little to contribute to yours.”
  • “Ours is this indefinite bond that now unites us.”

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