Parque del Amor: the kiss of two giants that elevated the romanticism of Lima

“El beso” is a sculpture by plastic artist Victor Delfin, unveiled in 1993 to celebrate the love of couples. (Andy / Miraflores)

Lima’s window to the Pacific Ocean has one of the most popular settings that attracts eternal romantics. The Miraflores neighborhood covers its streets with art and culture, providing places for artists to exhibit their talent, and this has over time managed to become an object of admiration.

One of these works has accompanied Peruvians for many years. It is inevitable that you will not visit the giant sculpture that sits in the heart of the Malecón Cisneros. There is a story that is connected with the life of its creator, the plastic artist Victor Delfin, who paid tribute to love.

Tour one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Miraflores district. (Derwin Discovery YouTube)

The sculptor turns the window of his house into a privileged vantage point from where he can observe the noise and the people passing by. Looking outside allowed him to see how the couples were behaving, some lavishly amorous and others immersed in fighting. They served as models for him to make sketches inspired by their silhouettes. and the composition they created by joining their bodies.

Each of these drawings became small sculptures made of clay. One of them took the shape he wanted – which would later be called “The Kiss” – and he decided to cast it in bronze to have in his personal collection.

Panoramic view of the Park of Love (Miraflores)
Panoramic view of the Park of Love (Miraflores)

The neighborhood of Miraflores made a special in which Delfin described his participation in this artistic project. One day he receives a visit from his friend Juan Gibson, who informs him that he has Mayor Alberto Andrade as his companion. Upon entering, the chief visited his workshop, amazed at what he saw.

“He sees the sculpture that was in my workshop and he says, did you do that, can it get bigger? Of course, I tell him. For love, if you give me a mountain, I’ll make you a sculpture the size you want.”

With this task, they met with the entourage to find the perfect place to build their sculpture in honor of love. As the evening drew on, he saw that some of the lovers were frightened when they saw them arrive. He asked them not to go. “Don’t be afraid. I will make a place for you here so that no one disturbs you”, convicted. When Andrade asked him what the place would be called, Delfín replied that it would be called Parque del Amor. He himself was responsible for drawing up a model showing how it would look.

Couple posing in front
A couple poses in front of “El Beso” by Víctor Delfín. (Andean)

This will have benches around it for couples to sit on. The space will be decorated with verses and everything that allows the creation of a cult of love. For the park, it takes inspiration from Park Güell in Barcelona, ​​here’s how European style is adopted with the sea as a background.

The sculpture of “El Beso” is made in gigantic proportions to complement the vastness of the sea and stand out, apart from being seen from different viewpoints.

In 2021, El Comercio published that an anecdotal event accompanying the construction was the participation of young people who supported the placement of the majolica. They did their job with the couples walking in the area who they requested “one” that included their names as part of the decoration.

Colorful majolica with names of lovers and phrases of writers.  (Museums of Lima)
Colorful majolica with names of lovers and phrases of writers. (Museums of Lima)

One of the scenes that marked the day of its opening in 1993 was the participation of the mayor together with his wife, who danced in front of the colossal structure. Live music invited other lovers to join in and an atmosphere of tenderness was felt.

In a conversation with the municipality in 2016, the plastic artist Viktor Delfin specified that the interesting thing is that he created a space for people, for the general public. “All classes should attend, regardless of age. Not only lovers go, but also children, elderly people. I have seen people dancing the tango there. I am proud to have achieved a space for society“.

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