Love or friendship? Enjoy these relationships in a special celebration

On this date we look for new and better opportunities to share as a couple or with our friends, technology is there to help us enjoy it to the fullest.

Every year we look for new plans to celebrate or have fun and try to be the most innovative and imaginative to make this day an unforgettable date. But sometimes time and busyness do not allow us to be creative enough to generate new opportunities.

These are the moments when we have to reach out to our best and closest allies: technological products to build emotions and memories that last forever. An ideal plan will always be to watch movies, much more special if they are on a big screen. To enjoy cinema anywhere, the projector Freestyle it can usher in a night of adventure, comedy or even romance.

Freestyle projects an image from 30” to 100” on flat surfaces, no matter where you want to see it: front, side or ceiling, which will automatically adapt, ensuring the best quality, in high definition and can transmit any content from a smartphone , to enjoy it on a huge screen. It also features a 5-watt 360-degree sound system for an immersive audio experience wherever you sit.

But if the volume is not enough or the mood at night rises, it is best to turn up the volume. Through the soundbars Samsung Q series the perfect combination is created with the projector or any TV. Unlike other brands, Samsung’s audio and video ecosystem allows the two devices to work together to provide a more complete sound experience.

Symphony Mode technology[1] creates surround sound by combining and optimizing the sound of the projector or TV with the speakers of the soundbar at the same time. In addition, the wireless connection avoids complex connections.

For a great celebration, it is always necessary to have food and drinks to surprise your partner or friends with the best recipes. The FamilyHub by Samsung is the perfect addition to date night, as on its multimedia screen you can find recipes to make the most of all the chilled ingredients. In addition to this and through its internet connection, Family Hub works as a connection center with family and friends to share photos and videos of all special moments with them.

Thanks to the SmartThings app, from your Samsung smartphone you can control to save time by performing or programming various tasks at home while celebrating with your partner or friends. The possibilities with SmartThings on your mobile phone are endless: you can check the inside of your fridge to plan your purchases, turn on the robot vacuum so that when you get home your floor is clean; modify the lights to make a party or romantic scene; or adjust the air conditioner settings to suit the environment as needed.

Samsung has created a mobile phone for every need, in its A series or S series there is a wide range of equipment that adapts to lifestyle and manages to capture and share special moments, and in the Z series style, power and productivity.

For those who need a functional and stylish device to undermine potential conquests and make the whole group of friends jealous, there’s Galaxy ZFlip 4. When you unfold it, it turns from a compact device into a smartphone with a 6.7” screen and all the functions we expect in the high range.

Undertake selfie impressive studio-quality camera features with Flex mode and capture the best of the night with Nightography mode and its rear camera. Details come to light even in the dark thanks to the larger pixels of the wide-angle camera.

Nightography isn’t just for photos – take advantage of it in video too. Its powerful processing allows the Super Night Solution to reduce noise so your recordings stay clear late into the night, and then upload them to your favorite social network to share with everyone far and wide.

With Samsung products, you can enjoy this day of love and friendship in a relaxed and fun way. You can get more information by visiting

[1] Symphony mode includes a stereoscopic sound effect that allows sound to be played through the speakers around the TV as well as through the soundbar, providing clearer and more realistic sound compared to sound produced through the soundbar alone.

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