Love and friendship: security measures will be extreme for the celebration – Bogotá

The weekend of love and friendship is historically one of the most violent of the year. Although 2021 crime figures for the same date showed improvements in security conditions over the holiday; The truth is that traditionally the authorities conduct an entire operation aimed at protecting citizens from criminals and preventing cases of murder, fighting and domestic violence, which appear to be the crimes with the highest figures for the time.

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Claudia Lopez announces measures after the Security Council.


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Only during the weekend of September 17-18, 2021, line 123 received 4,892 calls, of which 1,937 were answered by the police. Likewise, 1,346 messages are related to cases of domestic violence served by Quadrants staff and 313 calls were about gender-related issues, the Metropolitan Police said at the time.

On the other hand, during this weekend, the authorities carried out 2,258 checks, of which 1,511 were for the seizure of knives and 23 traumatic weapons, 81 public establishments were sealed and 214 people were arrested, of which 187 were charged with a crime and 27 by judicial order.


According to information provided by the Bogotá Metropolitan Police, this holiday weekend there will be an operation in the capital made up of 4,008 uniformed officers who will be distributed as follows: 400 agents from Sijín, 50 supporters from Gaula and 80 agents from Sepro (Directorate for protection and special services).

On the other hand, the operation will also be accompanied by 120 TransMilenio agents, 100 uniformed employees from the Department of Transit and Transport (Setra), 300 police assistants, 90 Sipol units; 200 soldiers from the National Unit for Police Intervention and Anti-Terrorism (Unipol) and 50 carabinieri.

A corps of 300 soldiers from the newly created Dialogue and Escort Unit for Public Demonstration (Undam), two drones from the Remotely Controlled Air System (Siart) will also be deployed to monitor Cosec 1 and 2, which consists of the localities of Usaquén, Chapinero, Suba, Barrios Unidos, Teusaquillo, San Cristobal, Usme, Tunjuelito, Rafael Uribe and Ciudad Bolivar.

Finally, the Citizen Prevention and Education Task Force will have 406 uniformed officers on the streets and 800 agents from the National Quadrant Surveillance Model to bolster Operation More Love and Zero Violence; From the same model, 143 station staff will join and Dipon will send another 500 uniformed support staff to Bogotá, who will join 400 students from various dependencies.

On behalf of the District, more than 300 coexistence managers will be deployed across the city andn 700 control and prevention actions that will focus on seven of the cities the most sophisticated in town. Likewise, 11 checkpoints will be installed with the XIII Brigade of the National Army and the Bogotá Police.

For her part, Adriana Plata, executive director of Asobares, indicated that there will be joint work between the members of the association and the authorities to strengthen preventive campaigns both inside and in the vicinity of the entertainment and party establishments.

“The establishments will strengthen security logistics in the perimeters. The weekend of love and friendship is not so much about rumba, but more about restaurants and hotels and that is where we have to work”.

He also added that “what we have done with partners is the Ask for Angela strategy, which is aimed at protecting the women who are most affected at this time. We will put posters and stickers in the sanitary units of the places so that they know that with this code they can signal a dangerous situation, also on the phone 123 or on the line 150″, he stressed.

whatever Bogota police will also have a team of agents who will be responsible for the pedagogy and the monitoring and control of the rumba areas.

historical figures

According to security expert Central University professor Andres Nieto, the average number of violent deaths in Colombia during a general weekend is 110 reports, but in the case of the weekend of love and friendship it can reach 140, which shows, according to Nieto’s analysis , that homicides can increase by 21.42 percent on this holiday, making it one of the most violent dates along with Mother’s Day and Christmas.

Now, not only are murders worse during this holiday, but at the same time, sex crimes have increased from an average of 229 to 270 cases, an increase of 15.18 percent.

Finally, the expert said, domestic violence also increased by 14.92 percent during the weekend of love and friendship, going from 1,106 reported cases on average to 1,300 records on that date alone. Battles have also been increased by 33 percent.


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