Love and friendship: Five tips to make your relationship much stronger

Taking care of a relationship is a daily task, you should always maintain good communication and know how to find common tastes to share. This means giving yourself the opportunity to get to know the interests of the other, to appropriate them and thus to seek harmony in the midst of differences.

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However, things do not always go as expected, as discussions and misunderstandings can create a chaotic environment, resulting in a toxic relationship.

Love and Friendship: Are You in a Toxic Relationship?

It is possible to determine when a toxic relationship falls if each individual begins to feel a lack of peace and tranquility in their daily life, when there is no trust, when there is no balance between what it means to spend time with the couple and other activities with family, friends and etc. If these conflicts are not mediated, in the worst case there are rifts and divorces.

These six signs can help you determine if you’re in a toxic relationship.

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A good relationship with your partner ensures people’s well-being, regarding September, the month of love and friendship in Colombia, Cindy Insuasti, a clinical psychologist at Compensar, gives some recommendations for improving love relationships, emphasizing that therapy can be a good alternative, “in all aspects that are dealt with, therapy is good for mental health. It’s good to have a guide to see what I need to work on, what I need to strengthen, how I can be a better person,” he said.

Another aspect the couples expert highlights are the stages of falling in love, she pointed out that at first everything is “rosy” “we all present ourselves in a certain way and over time you realize there are things you like and things you don’t they do, you identify that he has a bad character, he likes this, he doesn’t like that, it’s getting to know” and explained that this is essential in a relationship.

One of the main problems that usually arise in couples is jealousy, and according to Insuasti, it usually is a more personal self-esteem issue, and through therapy it is possible to help people find that value and that self-confidence that is lost and that is often the cause of problems.

Tips for a healthy relationship

For his part, Dr. Insuasti listed five key tips to make relationships much healthier:

I spend time

Listening to the couple, taking an interest in their daily lives, and finding places to chat is an excellent way to stay connected and in harmony.

avoid the routine

Sometimes couples fall into monotony, especially when they live with each other, that’s why it’s important to always explore new activities and experiences together which allow them to keep the flame of love alive.

Respect the couple’s spaces

Just as it is important to find activities to share, it is also important to remember that each person should have their own spaces and these should be respected, understanding that not being a part of them does not mean that the other person is loves them less or doesn’t want to make them a part of his life.

Joint activities

Setting goals as a couple in the short, medium and long term and working together to achieve them will strengthen the relationship.

The key to success is good communication

People need to know that communication is essential, especially in relationships, talking about feelings, dreams they have, things that might upset them, or talking directly about what is expected of the other will make the environment healthy and stable.

Finally, the psychologist stressed that usually people or couples tend to think that seeking help from a professional is the last frontier, and this is indeed a very good option that serves not only to try to fix a problem, but also to highlight the positives aspects.

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