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came day of love and friendship and with it the search for the perfect gift. September 17 This date, which focuses on sharing and showing affection, will be celebrated.

And it is that this holiday is one of the most important for Colombians. According to the annual survey conducted by Fenalco, 79 percent of respondents will celebrate this date.

Of these, 43 percent will spend up to $50,000 pesos on the gift; 38 percent between $50 and $100 thousand and 19 percent will spend more than $100 thousand pesos.

That’s why we made a selection of ideas so you can get out of the routine and surprise with innovative gift.

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More than chocolates and flowers

Colombian flowers are always a sure bet for a gift.


Mauricio Moreno/THE TIME

Love and friendship: gift ideas

Essences are gaining more and more power because they are used to relax, stimulate concentration, aromatize, and more.


Courtesy of Olfabrand

Classic gifts like chocolates, flowers and jewelry are always a good option, but if you don’t want to repeat yourself with your partner or friends, the best thing to do when buying a gift is to consider each other’s personality.

For example, when choosing a perfume, one of the most difficult gifts to give, Not only your taste is important, but also the smells that remind you of this person. Are they floral, citrus, woody? From there you can find a scent that is closer to that person’s taste, recommends the brand O Boticário.

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Another option related to the aromas are essences and moisturizers For Home. Olfabrand, a brand that promotes well-being through olfactory experiences, has launched a special edition of Amor y Amistad, made up of five gift packs. Home Sweet Home, Love to share, Fall in love with chocolate, Oasis choco mint and Self Love are the packages with which he hopes to surprise and accompany the holiday of the month

If you prefer to go on safer ground, you can choose hand and body moisturizers or oils.

In case the person you want to surprise has a particular taste in comics, movies or series, figures like Funko Pop are a good option. For this date, Funkos & Funkos offers a special edition of Star Wars Pop Valentine’s Day Music! with figures of Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Grog, Luke Skywalker, by the way.

Love and friendship: gift ideas

In a pink design, with a box of heart-shaped chocolates, the Star Wars funkos wink at the date.


Courtesy of Funkos & Funkos

The organizers of the Home Fair, which takes place in Corferias until September 18, also recommend decorative and functional products such as flyers, themed paintings and custom neon figures.

Love and friendship gift ideas for couples

Love and friendship: gift ideas for couples

In Fenalco’s 2021 study, they found that 43 percent of gifts are given between couples.

The Fenalco study also reveals that the majority of the gifts that will be delivered on this day of love friendship will be for the couple with 36%; 28% are for the secret friend, 19% for children and/or siblings; 13 percent for friends and the remaining 13 percent for parents.

Celebrating the day of love and friendship is the perfect opportunity to have a special detail or share a different moment as a couple. Therefore, the possibilities for gifts have diversified.

According to the market Lino, the products of sexual well-being would be most bought during love and friendship, as buying trends increase this month.

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This year, sales growth exceeds 30 percent compared to September 2021, it said in a statement. In fact, The top 3 best selling sex items at Linio are:

1. Satisfyer Pro 2 Original Clitoris Sucker

two. Original Lovense Lush vibrator

3. Satisfyer 1 vibrator

“For people who want to buy sex toys and sexual health products, e-commerce platforms like Linio have become the perfect ally, as they allow complete discretion, preventing people from exposing themselves physically when making purchases,” explains Andrés Sánchez, commercial director of Linio.

To this gift, to ignite the flame of intimacy, you can add an experience as a couple, such as a romantic dinner or a trip.


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