List of tech gifts for the couple

This September 17 is the day of “love and friendship”, a date that can become an ideal moment to offer a special gift to a dear friend or to someone with whom you have a romantic relationship.

However, in some cases delivering the right gift can be a really challenging task, especially when the goal is to surprise a person who is a fan of technology.

For that reason, A WEEK has created a guide to tech gifts that would be perfect to gift on the day of love and friendship.

A customizable keyboard for retro fans

POP keys, It is a mechanical keyboard that has a retro aesthetic and has eight customizable emoticon keysso users can directly access the emoticons they use most often in their chats.

This device is available in digital stores at a price close to $449,900

Microphones for podcast creators

Those who produce audio content they usually require a device that offers good sound captureSo an option could be the Yeti microphone from Blue Microphones, which offers two voice recording modes, omnidirectional and cardioid, and also has the VO!CE software, which allows you to include professional voice effects.

This gadget can be obtained at a price close to 500,000 dollars

Headphones for practicing running

Sports enthusiasts often accompany their exercise routines with music, which is why TWS headphones for endurance competition they can be a good option. This model has a comfortable design that is water resistant, in addition, It has a battery that provides about 30 hours of audio.

These wireless headphones can be purchased from $450,000

gaming headset

Video game fans often need a headset to have good communication with teammates, while holding an online game. The JBL Quantum 600 delivers immersive sound, and its vocal boom microphone helps you communicate with others.

This model offers up to 14 hours of audio and is compatible with PC, PlayStation and Mac.

The price of these headphones is about $460,000

iPhone 13

Although the new generation of this phone has already been released, the iPhone 13 is still a good alternative for fans of Apple products. This model has a powerful processor and its camera system includes a cinematic mode.

This smartphone can be found at a price of $3,800,000

Xiaomi 12 Pro

This Android smartphone has a 50 MP main camera and an ideal 32 MP selfie camera, and it also includes a focus system with an object tracking and learning algorithm. Added to it, features the power of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor.

This smartphone can be found at a price of $3,600,000

A laptop for work or study

People who need a computer for comfortable work or study can see the Acer Nitro 5 as a good option as it has a slim design that makes it light and comfortable to work with. Also features a GeForce RTX 3050 GPU that provides graphics power play video games or work on video editing.

This laptop can be purchased at a price close to $3,000,000

Portable projector for glamping

Freestyle is a portable projector that has a 180° dynamic angle adjustment system, so you can project your image in Full HD quality on almost any surface, in addition, its auto focus system adjusts the image quickly.

This device allows access to streaming platforms and does not require complicated installation, so it can be useful for short trips.

This projector is priced at $2,900,000

A tablet for watching series or work

Although the iPad mini is Apple’s smallest tablet, this device has an 8.3-inch “Liquid Retina” screen and a processor that allows you to use multiple applications at the same time to increase productivity at work.

The sixth generation iPad mini can be purchased from $2,500,000

Smart speaker to control other devices

Google Home Mini can be an alternative for those who want to control the smart devices in the house by voice commands. This widget too allows you to create reminders or tasks that can be performed automatically with simple commands.

This speaker can be purchased at a price close to $134,000

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